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A Condition of Great Joy
Humor helps to heal...
a troubled world!
Cheesy Medical Center
The Operating Room
.Doctor:  "I think I found
brain dead...sorry!"
...need a shot of humor?.
An affordable face-lift for everyone,
comes in the form of a smile!
This is where I operate from...cutting and pasting....a little polish work, and messing up everything!..  Are we brain dead?  Not much humor or creativity in your life?   If you're suffering from terminal seriousness, why don't you come into the Humor Clinic for a check-up...we're open 24/7 and it's free!
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A special thanks to everyone who has sent me those wonderful emails concerning my work and my site. They are my little treasures; they mean a lot to me, and I keep them all.  (My website does not have a guestbook)                                                      
My favorite
HO; HO; HO; Come See What Santa Brought Me...
This page contains 20 short-cut links, to help the visitor find things that
are important to him or her.  Among so many other things, there are (links) to four
book query letters; and book propopsals on the way....etc...etc...etc...     
(You won't regret it)
Don't get carried away...
Stay off drugs! 
Help Stop Pollution!
Protect the
or we'll all be
up a tree!          
WARNING:  Humor and creativity can be contagious! So, I would appreciate it very much, if you would tell all your friends and business associates and infect them all. Tell your enemies! If you don't
have any...go out and make a few, and tell them too!
To all the young people out there...
"Humor is mankind's greatest blessing"...Mark Twain
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Prescription: Take a large dose of vitamin H...
just for the health of it! 
Cloud 9
(The English's all "Greek" to me)
You Can Do It!
What the world needs...
is more humor!
Along the Super're invited to
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Prescription:  Take a large dose of vitamin H (humor)...jest for the health of it.  Laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you...the positive and
healing power of humor!
International Hot-Air
Balloon Fiesta
(A one-horse town of 500,000 population...
including the horse)
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Life; Liberty; and the pursuit of Silliness!
"Thanks to everyone!"
The Funny Farm
Taking Chances
As you will notice, I'm a person who takes chances with my work, and I have a lot of "egg on my face" to prove it.  Over the
years, I've eaten so much "crow," with all the fixings,
that it's starting to taste pretty good.  (yum; yum)
The Humor Bug...                  catch it ...and spread it around!
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God Bless America!
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My name is Jerry, and I sometimes sign my name with the shortened version..."Jer"  When I spell-check a page on the computer, I always get a chuckle, because, when the computer highlights my name, it gives me a substitute word..."JERK" 
(I can relate to that!)
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
it's nice to be part of some of the most important words in the world!
Proud to have served.... the U.S. Air Force!
Where My Articles Have Been Published
Over 100 of my articles have been published on various websites around the Internet. 
Sections on my website include:
The Writing Section             Humor Clinic                           The Funny Farm
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The Creative Center
.Everyone is creative and so are YOU
A person doesn't have to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, to come up with fresh, useful ideas for the home, work place or for business. 
The red carpet will always be out for you, and you are welcome to visit at any time.  Your comments and suggestgions are always appreciated.  Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you enjoyed and I hope you visit again.  Jer
This website was proudly made in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the U.S.A.
Stigma (definition)
Shame or social disgrace

This is probably the most important section on my website, as I address
the important issue of mental illness in this issue which
should be important to all of us.  None of us are getting any younger, and as we age, we're all going to have to deal with the issue of mental health.  The unthinkable events of Virginia Tech, Omaha and Arizona,  might serve as a wake up call, for all American's to take a serious look at the mental health issue! 

The healing power of humor cannot be measured.  And, I have added humor to this section for that reason...humor helps to heal, etc.  And humor is appropiate in most places, as long as it' is done in a respectful and dignified manner.  American's must get together and eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness...the discrimination; the name-calling; the put-down and yes...even the negative humor associated with mental illness!  When it comes to mental illness...this is NO  laughing matter! Alzheimer's, dementia and depression and other mental illnesses continue to be a big problem all across America! 

Sections on my website include:
Writing Section             Humor Clinic                           The Funny Farm
Site map/ contents            Creative Center             SOS! My Serious & Silly articles
Writing Section
Mr. Write
Patient: "But, doc...
I only cut my finger!
Brain surgeon
Rocket Scientist.
National Mental Health Information Center
Please donate: 
The American Legion National Emergency Fund
P.O. Box 6141, Indianapolis, IN 40206; Member: American Legion; Proud to be a vereran!
Captioning graphics/photos  On this page, you've
seen examples of placing a caption on a graphic.  It's fun and
easy and you can see more examples if you go
to the Humor Clinic
Humor is universal.
Please welcome the troops home with honor and dignity!  They're helping people fight, who can't fight for themselves!  Want to send your support to a soldier in harm's way, but have no idea what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it?  This is where you can go to get the answers. 
Any (click here)
Freedom is NOT free
Humor and creativity just seem to go together!
The Hero's of 9/11 Will
Never Be Forgotten!
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Humor is life's shock absorber!
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Good Housekeeping Site of the Day (Twice); Golden Web Award; World Laughter Tour Award; RunnerDuck Website of the Week; Miller Entertainment  Award; Voted one of best comedy sites by Comedy Zone and;  World Wide Web Award.(May, 2007)    .
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Hey...why is everybody
Attitude is Everything: 
Think Positive!
* Author's Den - (Writing site) This is where I have many of my articles.posted.
Website name:
Welcome to my family site...
your time and interest are very much appreciated, and I
certainly hope you enjoy your stay!  Jerry Aragon

This website will not contain any profanity or dirty humor of any kind!  A person doesn't have to be dirty to be funny.  Parents don't
have to worry about their kids coming here to learn!

It is said that humor is like the sunshine...
it brightens all the day!
Purpose: To share; inspire; motivate; help; to entertain and to encourage people to get more humor and creativity into their lives!
Something For Everyone!
SOS!  My Serious and Silly Articles (245+) The Creative Center; Orange Barrel Humor; The Funny Farm; Writing Section;  Humor Clinic;  captioned graphics; ideas; free stuff/inspirational quotes...
and much more! .Try to maintan a sunny disposition!
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From Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)...the hot-air balloon capital of the world!.
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Humor can be dangerous to your illness...Steve Sultanoff.
Laughter is a tranquillizer with no side effects.  Arnold Glasow
Laughter is wonderful music for the soul.
Book: House Call
Book: Along the Bumpy Road of Life!
"Humor is one of the best articles of dress in society."  William Thackery
Update: July, 2013
The Positive and Healing Power of Humor...
just what the doctor ordered!.
Water Conservation is Everybody's Business!
November 2, 2007: Headline reads, Tennessee Town Runs Out of Water!
Two of the most important words parents
can teach their kids are...
about humordoctormd
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Get inspired...get motivated...get going!
If we think positive things...we'll attract
poitive things to us! 
"We human beings are proof that God has a sense
of humor."  Srababi Bungo
* (Article Directory) : The visitor can view my article
  portfolio (90) and the briefs about what they are about, etc.
* .Inspirational/Motivational Quotes: Here, the visitor can see how
  I use inspirational quotes to dress up my documents/articles, etc.  
Paying Markets vs. Free Content in Writing
(Article title; Author's Den - my writing site)
Categorizing my articlesWith 345+ articles now in my portfolio, I decided to categorize them by topics, to help the reader find what may interest them.  The reader can go to Authors Den to see the list.  (30+ categories)  .


The Bumpy Road of Life takes us to the...
of Hard Knocks!
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What is one of the best ways to learn?
From others, right?
Learn from their experiences...good and bad; from their education; their wisdom; their skills and talents; and most importantly...learn from their ideas and creativity, etc. 
SOS! My Serious and Silly Articles
Here, the reader will find a list of all my articles (345+) as they  are listed as to how they are doing (hits/views) for the years August, 2006
(when I started writing) to the present..
Jerry Aragon/The Humor Doctor; PO Box 81161,
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87198
505-842-5310 - email;
I began writing seriously in August, 2006...and in August, 2012 is
my 5th/6th year in writing.  During that time, I have written 360+ articles,
and the following articles are the top ten on my list. (hits/views)

1) Making a Difference In People's Lives By Writing;
2) Young People Should Not Start Smoking;
3) Hot-Dogs; Apple Pie; Music and Humor;
4) Discrimination Against Older Workers (ageism);
5) Here's the Skinny On How I Lost 40 Pounds;
6) Sleep Deprivation and Diabetes (Type 2);
7) Constipation: Saying Hello To a Costly Enema!;
8) Halloween Party; The Two-Headed Monster;
9) Get Inspired; Get Motivated; Get Going!;
10) Second-hand Smoke and Pets Make For a Toxic Mix;

During the four years I have been writing, over 100 of my articles have been published on more than 550 websites on the Internet.  My thanks to all the website owners who have published my articles...all of this continues to give me the confidence to continue on writing in various subjects in the future.
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My favorite saying....
You make your own bed....
you can sleep in it...
As stated previously, this site is about humor and ideas...
so, how and where do ideas come about?

People have asked me over the years, where my ideas come, for my art
projects and the humor, and the answer is always the same.  Ideas are
everywere...around the home; the work place and out in the streets.
For example;

One day, I was driving home from work, and I was stopped at a red traffic light.  And, while I was waiting for the light to change, I noticed an outdoor portable sign out in front of a dry cleaning establishment which read:

                        "Drop Your Pants Here"
We make house calls...
Shop 'till you drop

for mutual
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