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  Excuse the mess...the tools...the sawdust...
  but the building and creativity must go forward....
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
Ideas; Creativity; Problem-Solving; Taking Chances
Why Didn't I Think of That
How many times have you asked yourself that question?
The visitor can see how I cloned the light bulbs and scattered them above on the page.  I cloned the light bulbs again and divided the page by setting them side by side.  .
When I started creating this page, I stopped right in the middle of what I was doing, and I thought maybe it would be interesting to have a "before and an "after" page.  So, that's what I did...so if you want to see what this page looked when it was being constructed, you can go back    to the previous page, and a link will bring you back to this page.

This website was created with simple tools...with a simple mind...ME!  
You will not see any bells and whistles, so it's a great way to start for a beginner!
Free Stuff:  Storage page: 
From May 2004 to November, 2006 I was dis-connected from the Internet and from my website because of hardship/heart failure, etc.  Upon my return, I have to down-size my website, and so a little housecleaning.  Because the clip-art library no longer exists, I have to save all these graphics, and use them where I can.  I used this IDEA since I started, by storing all my graphics.  This page has never been open to the public until now (2007), and I thought you would like to go there and look around and see what's available, etc.
You've already noticed the different colored lettering that can be used for the text on this website.  I use occasionally for such pages as this one or for a Christmas page and so forth. Another example is the Off line Resume page
You can see how the colors were brought off the color pallette and then reduces in size by dragging.  You can see how this concept was used in the Writing Section and then return here..
If you want to see how captions
are placed on graphics, you should visit the
Humor Clinic
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Everything Begins With an Idea!
This is a short page that really sums up the idea and creativity field.  You can have all the experience and education in the world, but...  The visitor to this page will see the colorful background used for this summary.
Here's an IDEA...this page will be updated on a regular basis, as soon as more fresh ideas come in.  .So, you should check back from time, to see if there is anything new.  And, your time and interest is always appreciated...Jer
UPDATE: July, 2013
You can see the thumb-nail image of a writing tablet to
the right.  I brought the image in from the clip-art library and enlarged it by dragging.  You can see how it covers the entire page at the Writing Section.
This is a family website!
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Placing this notice on Free Content one every page, is one of the best ideas I have ever gotten for my website.  With one mouse-click, the visitor can go visit EzineArticles.com where I have my portfolio of writings and find out how they can place an article on their website, or use in their newsletter, etc. 
Surrounding Myself With Color
I'm a person of color, and I like lots of color around me.  This short piece is for the writer, and I'm going to show the writer or aspiring writer what a difference color and color graphics can make in enhancing a writing piece.  I didn't know anything about article directories, until August, 2006 when I signed up with EzineArticles.com, and posted my first article.  You can go there at anytime, and then return here, and you can see my portfolio of 50+ articles in black and white, and then you can return here, and see the articles in color.  .Just hit the back-button and come back here.  Since I've been back, not all my articles are posted on my website, and if you don't find one, you can go to my site at EzineArticles and I'm sure you'll find it. 
Do It With Style
Like everyone else, I have visited hundreds of websites over the years, and I have never seen another website like mine.  And, that's not meant to be an ego statement, but I say that because my website is so unusual.  My website is unusual, because of my style...this is the way I do things.
Everything Begins With an Idea
Ideas are subjective in nature.  What is a great idea to someone, is an insult to somebody else.  If a person doesn't get good ideas in any endeavor, that person doesn't have much of a chance to succeed at that particular task, in my view. I've always considered myself a strong idea person...both good ideas and bad ideas as well.  And, on this page, I'll be talking about some of those stinkos as well.  What's the difference between wood carving and writing?  There is no difference, in my view.  As a woodcarver for over 25 years, I had to come up with good ideas to sell my work.  Now, that I'm in the field of writing, there's no difference.  I have to come up with good, usable ideas to get my articles read by the public and/or sell my writing pieces in the future.  So for me, it's not about wood carving and writing...it's about creativity, ideas and style!
Analogy of Idea Development...The Game of Golf.
In idea development, I use the anology of golf, because I have to focus and concentrate on my own game.  I can't worry what golfers are doing on the green up ahead or on the next fairway.  Take a swing at this golf link, and if you miss it, you'll get a double-bogey!   This is another colorful page for all the duffers and hackers, who spend most of your time in the spinach!
Taking Chances
Since I started carving wood in the 1970's, I've always taken chances with my ideas.  (See article: Taking Chances With My Ideas)  And, I'll take chances with my writing pieces as well.  Auto Racing: Ladies...Start Your Engines...  I wrote this piece in September, 2006 and posted it on EzineArticles.com.  (Remember, I was dis-connected from the Internet at the time)  As of May, 2007, this piece has raced around the track at the Indy 500 speedway, and made its way into the 11th spot, and is a couple of hits from entering the top ten in hits and views!  I am so pleased, because this is a totally imaginative piece. 
The Kiss Principle
Keep It Simple, Stupid!  Whether it be carving a piece of wood; coaching a Little League baseball team or building my website, I've always believed in the Kiss Principle.  This is a simple website; made from simple tools with a simple mind...ME!  There are no bells and whistles; no fancy lettering; no tumbling letters; just the meat and potatoes of what is needed to construct a quality website.  All that's involved is a clip-art library; a color editor; drag and drop a blank screen and an imagination!  I talk about the Kiss Principle in a piece I wrote entitled, Do I Look Like a Rocket Scientist To You?
I love silhouettes, and this is one of my favorite pages on my website.  It's the Albuquerque, New Mexico page, and it starts out with the red and gold state colors and then goes to the dark sillouhettes and then back to the red and gold.  I really enjoyed  composing this page. 
Black and White Page
This is about as simple as it gets in constructing a web page.  This page took about less than 30 seconds to build.  I took the graphic from the clip-art library and put it place by dragging; with a text box, I added a few words...and presto!  This is one of my favorite pages  Two words every parent should teach their kids!
One Way to get Ideas is to be a good listener!

Most of us have heard the term, "writer's block," but I like to use the term, "creative block,"
because everyone is creative in their own way.  What is the best way to get ideas...from other people, right!  None of know why Bill Gates (Microsoft) is so successful, and we can only guess.  Bill Gates has always said he like to surround himself with smart and creative people.  Since ideas cannot be copyrighted, Bill Gates is probably a very good listener...he has set ego aside...listened to the great ideas of all those smart and creative people around him...and the rest is history!  Bill Gates and Paul Allen could not have put the monster of Microsoft together at such a young age all by themselves without the help from others.  And, that help came in the form of GREAT IDEAS from those creative people surrounding him...and add a little incentive in the form of bonus money and the rest is history! 

Fall Colors
I visited a website one time, whereby the owner had about a dozen awards on display., and he had them displayed on a terrible looking page, all bunched together, with a short note above the awards.  That's why I say, you get ideas from others, and, at the time, I didn't know what I wanted for my awards page, but it wasn't going to look like this page.So, being thankful to everyone who likes what I do...I decided on a "giving thanks" or Thanksgiving page, and I would dress it up in all the fall colors.  It turned out better than expected, for using simple tools, etc.  Awards/honors page
The Old West
Black and White Page
Unlike the first black and white page I showed you, that came ready to use, I had to put in a little effort to constructing this black and white page.  It's one of my favorite pages on my website as well. 
Back to Top
Front Page
When I first built my website, I noticed the border shown to the left in a thumbnail in the clip-art library.  I thought it would work for my Front Page, so  I brought it in and enlarged it by dragging, and I' ve used it ever since. To give the Front Page a little personality, I imported the sunny faces and covered the existing images by dragging them. 
Free Content: (Learn more)
My articles published 100+ websites
"If you don't accept failure as a possibility, you don't set high goals...you don't
take the risk"  Rosyln Carter.
Storage Place II
The first thing I do, when I compose a page is, to go to this page to pick up the ingrediants I'll need to compose the page.  The visitor will not see many graphics on this page, and that's so the page can load quickly.  When composing a page, I need about six elements, and I can go here very fast and copy them and transfer them to the new page. 
To give the Front Page a little personality, I brought in these sunny faces from the clip-art library, and dragged them over the existing sun illustrations. 
Cloud 9/Impotant Links page
The visitor can see how the aqua color was taken off the color bar, and dragged to complete this small block.  A larger example is shown at the Cloud 9/Important links page where the color white was used to cover the clouds page and add all the information
Changing Text
The traffic sign shown to the left, was brought in from the clip-art library.  But, I wanted the sign to say something different.  I wanted the sign to read, "STAY IN SCHOOL."  What to do?  I took the color yellow out of the color bar, which matched perfectly, and covered the writing on the sign.
As shown to the left, I then took a text box, and wrote what I wanted, and dragged it over the color bar.  The reader can see how the new sign was developed.
The Little Computer Nerd That Could...
This is one of my favorite back-grounds for a page, and the visitor can see how it is used. 
The same concept, as was done to the traffic sign, is done to the graphic shown to the left.  From the color bar, the white color is brought in, to cover the existing wording on the graphic.  A text box is made with the words wanted, and and dragged over the white space as shown to the right.  The new words are added along with the caption.
The approval rating of the U.S. Congress is at all-time low...2%
Page Backgrounds
The following pages have been used at one time or another, and are now not being used.  I wanted to show the visitor, a few of the backgrounds available.  If the need comes up in the future, I will use these pages again. 

Animal background:  I have my wood carvings (animal characters) described on this page.
Paws background:  My polar bears, were described on this page. 
* Woodgrain background: My woodworking, as a whole was described on this page.  
* Candles:  I'm sure this page is going to be put to work soon.
* Celebration page:  This is another wonderful background that I will be using in the future
* Navigation page:  This is another good background and will be used later
Page backgrounds I would NOT use!

I brought in these two backgrounds, to show pages I would not use, and both of these pages jump out at you, and have a dizzying-effect on the viewer. 

                    Example #1                                                          Example #2.
Taking Chances With My Ideas:  As a woodcarver, I'm out of the art and craft world, and I have no
writing background whatsoever.  When I started wood carving, I wanted to dig down deep into my
imagination, and create some ideas that had never been done before.  As you will see later in this
piece, I think I accomplished my mission, because some of my ideas were off the wall; dry;
riduculous, and just plain silly.
Everyone is Creative and so are YOU!
Why didn't I think of that?  How many times have you asked yourself that question?  Wouldn't it be nice if ideas grew on trees?  But, they don't!  Ideas come along when they want, and many times don't come at all.
  Creativity;  How I Get My Ideas"I never win anything!"  "I never get any good ideas!"  How
  many times have you heard someone say that?  Guess what?  They never win at anything and
  never get any good ideas, because they've already convinced themselves that they won't.  They
  start out with a negative attitude, when they should be thinking positive! 
.Troubled Airlines
Many airlines have been in trouble financially and/or in bankruptcy for many years.  Here are a couple of ideas that they came up with to save money and to save their companies. 
Dealing With Pig-Headed People (oink-oink)!
Pig-headed people are difficult to work with.  They're negative people with an attitude.  And, it makes it tough when that person has authority.  The attitude?  My way...or the highway! 
Successful Firms Open to New Ideas! 
Problem-solving in the Work place
Monkey See; Monkey Do
If I didn't find a way to improve my
speed, I was going to lose my job! 
Good Ideas Helped Me To Keep My Job!
.Get inspired...get motivated...get going!
Copyright; Jerry Aragon; 2007
All Rights Reserved
Categorizing my articles:  With over 100 articles now, in my portfolio, I decided to categorize them by topics, to help the reader find what may interest them.  Go to Authors Den to see the list.  (21 categories)
Article entitled: From 2007 to 2008 the Traffic To My Site Has Doubled!.
To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!
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