Life's embarrassing moments...we all    have them.  Research has shown, that the ability to laugh
  at ourselves at all the "crazy" and "insane" things we all do, can be healthy for us
* How Humor Helps Me To Cope:  Professionals tell us that two humon emotions cannot occupy
  the same space at the same time.  You are either happy or you are can't have it both
  ways.  My choice is to be happy, or at least try to be happy, and humor helps me to achieve that

* The Positive and Healing  Power of Humor The importance of humor in all of our lives. 
  Health IS a laughing matter, and studies are now showing that laughter is one of the healthiest   
  things we can do for ourselves
* Humor 101 For Dumbos;  So, you want to be funny, eh"  Questions and answers on a
  general nature, etc.
* The Negative Side of Humor  And yes, there is a negative side of humor.  Here, I share with you
  several things that are not acceptable in the world of humor.
* Just Say No To Dirty Humor A person doesn't have to use dirty jokes;  gross humor; racial
  slurs or the put-down of others to be funny!
How I Got Started In Humor I was only eleven years old, and I almost died that dreadful day
  at the picnic!
Below, is a list of humor and humor-related articles I've written.   .  You can click on the links of the articles, which may be of interest to you, and then return to this page, and I certainly hope you enjoy!
Cheesy Medical Center
The Humor Clinic

"Hey you...over there at the water cooler...
  will you CUT IT OUT!"
"I'm sorry...but there is NO smoking
allowed in the Humor Clinic!"
CAT: "I attacked this
no-good mouse... which was hanging around the computer!"
My owner is going to be so proud of me!
DOG: "Boy, this dude looks like a dragon, with all that
smoke coming out of his nose and ears...ha-ha-ha...
this dude must be a ear, nose and throat doctor...ha-ha-ha!"
Some people just
don't have a sense of know it?
Placing captions on items of interest such as photos or these small graphics is fun and easy.  Nearly all of my over 200 wood pieces were captioned, so I have had a lot of practice at it.  .This is an easy way to start in time you read a magazine or a newspaper...start writing captions on or near the'll find out how much fun it can be!
Flower: "I hate to
get personal...but
has anyone ever called you a  drip?"
I remember when I was born...the doctor
didn't slap ME...he slapped my MOTHER for
having me!
If you're suffering from terminal seriousness...
you're in the right place!
There goes 
the Director of the
Humor Clinic.
If you want to go bananas...
you're in the right place!
Halloween:  The Two-Headed Monster 
We took our boys to a Halloween  party at the local elementary school,
and it was one of the funniest nights of my life! 
* The Funny Farm Gift Shop: When I saw the little designer straight-jackets in the clip-art library,
  I had to have them in a scene.  Here, you can get a designer straight-jacket for you and yours..
Are We Having Another Bad Hair Day?.
I Always Get My Man
Bowling a Perfect Score
* Does Life Begin at 40?.  If you're over 40 years old, you'd better hurry up and read this piece, you
  might not have long to live...hurry!
* Auto Racing: Ladies...Start Your Engines...Over the years, at least one woman has qualified for
  the Indianapolis 500 race and that's good, because women should be allowed to compete with men
  in any sport if they choose to do so.  But, this Indy 500 is different, as all the 33 qualifiers are women!
On The Skiing Slopes
The Signing of a Bill
The Town Red
Getting a Haircut...While You Wait.
* Don't Golf My Way:  When anyone asked my what my handicap in golf is...I always answer by
Sweet Dreams
What's The Score?
Good Samaritans
* My Personalized License Plate Reads: .SLOWPOK: I've been in the humor business for over
  forty years, and I never get tired of putting a smile on somebody's face.  And, I get a
  double-pleasure when that person is dis-abled, ill, or a patient in the hospital or just somebody
  having the blues! 
What's In A Name?
Practice Makes Perfect
Who Says Pancakes Have To
Be Round
Decisions; Decisions
UPDATE: May, 2013
Where's the beef?
"If you're interested in seeing
examples of can go
to this page...Say What?
The Humor School
Humor 101 for Dumbos name is nurse Gladys...and I'll be your instructor in this humor class, and if that isn't okay with you, I'll just give you a shot where the sun don't shine...NOW LISTEN UP!
Hey, Doc...
I've got a
think I have a screw loose!
* Why I'm Reluctant To Call Myself a Humor Writer  The late Erma Bombeck was once quoted as
  saying, "writing humor is 50 times harder than writing anything else."  I agree.  Erma Bombeck and
  Art Buchwald were two of my favorite writers and were s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o funny! 
* How Humor Helps Us All To Cope With The Aging Process:  How time flies!  One day,
  you're 25 years old and feeling your oats.  And, the next day, you're 65 years old, and preparing
  to enter the Old Folks Home!  I don;t think there is anything that worries me more, than getting old! 
* Legacy: A Gift of Writing: Wouldn't it be great to leave behind something other an attitude and
  a pile of debt?  With the coming of the Internet, a person can leave their writing pieces for all to enjoy!
My Serious and Silly Articles
You can go to the Writing Section to view any of my serious articles which
are listed here: 
The Seriousness of Depression; The Rise in Diabetes;  Discrimination Against Older Workers (Ageism); Here's The Skinny on How I Lost 40 Pounds; You Can't Please Everyone...So, Don't Try;  Smoking Sucks! How I Quit Smoking; Sabrina: Another Smoking Casualty; Good Writing Requirs Good Speling and Grama; How I Saved My Dog Daniel; Think Positive; Taking Chances With My Ideas; Creativity:  How I Get My Ideas; It's All About Making People Happy; I Refused To Raise Two "Mama's Boys!"; Do I Look Like a Rocket Scientist To You?; Have You Ever Kissed an Ashtray?; Peer-Pressure...It's Everywhere; The ME Generation is Alive and Well;  A Feast For The Eyes; Do You Have a Fear of Failure?; Falling On Hard Times. Dealing With the Inevitable...DEATH!; Falling On Hard Times; The SpaMoble Has Arrived; C-SPAM; Government at Work; Corporate Sponsor for a Website...Why Not? ; Exercise: Why Should I Walk Around the Block...When I Can Drive?; Keeping Up With The Joneses...Forget It!; Getting My Confidence and Keeping It; The Boob-Tube vs. Improving My Writing; My Love For Creative Writing; Everyone is Creative and So Are YOU!; My Integrity is NOT Negotiable; Stage Fright; No Cure For Me; Do It With Style...Or Don't Do It At All. 
This is a family website!.
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
* Jerry...Are You Crazy?  People have told me on more than one occasion, that I belong behind
  plenty of razor wire and a high chain-link fence.  .So, when I saw this back-ground for this page,
  I had to put it to work. 
* Music: The Beginning of Rock and Roll For Me (1955)  Nostalgia: A little trip down memory
  lane.  It was the mid-1950's and my family couldn't afford a television set, so we listened to the
  radio.  And, there were two unusual voices that came across the radio...the voices of Little
  Richard, and that of Wolfman Jack!  This was the beginning of the rock and roll era! 
* The English Language is all "Greek" To Me!  For your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to
  construct a complete sentence with one of the following words, their; there; they're.  Should you
  fail, you shall go straight to jail; you will not pass GO...and you will not collect $200.00!  Good luck!
* The Humor Bug...Catch It...and Spread It Around:  Humor is just have to look
  for it.  People ask me where I get my humor, and the answer is always the same...around the home;
  around the work place; and out in the streets; and out where the deer and the antelope play..
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The Operating Room:  This is where I do my cutting and pasting, and making a mess of everything!
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I live with a very
controlling person!
Mouse:  "I love to go out on
the Internet, and give away
my  "Cheesy Award!"
Easy On The Mayo
* Is Bald Beautiful?  For all the whiners out there, who get ONE LITTLE GRAY HAIR...and
  have a panic-attack...they ought to lose their hair, and all the whining would stop!  For those of
  us who have lost their hair, we have had to deal with our self-esteem, our confidence, and trying
  to keep our chin up over a long period of time.
The articles shown below, can be read at my directory site at the following link:
Book: No Matter How Severe...Pain is Pain!
Book: The Positive and Healing Power of Humor!
Making Music
Osteopathetic Clinic
Basketball game (defensive battle?)
One of my co-workers told me one day, that he was on his high school basketball team.  And, in one of their games, they lost by a score of 4-2!  "Wow!"  I said to him, that must have been quite a defensive battle!"   "NO!"  he said.  "We were all just a bunch of lousy
basketball players!" 
Security...may I help you!
Hi my name is Wiley,
and I've been hanging
around the Humor Clinic
for a very long time!  .
Wherever the President of
the United States
can be sure there is a Secret
Service Agent near-by!.
Hi, my name is Monkey, and
I like to listen to the Monkees,
while I'm playing on the monkey
bars, and make silly this!
In a democracy...
you have a choice...
Do you know any good
elephant jokes?
Lady: "May I suggest a 55 gallon
drum of mouth wash?"
and underpaid
Math professor:  "Did
you know that 5 out of 4 people have trouble
with fractions?"
Some people never listen!.
In politics...
I'm a mud-
I was voted the least likely to succeed...and they were right!  I graduated last in my class...summa
cum lousy!
Corny Humor
Two peanuts were walking in the neighborhood, when they were assaulted!
Don't date him!
Don't you dare
roll down  the
hill...and crash
into a nice new,
shiny vehicle...
don't you dare!
Say ah-ah-ah-ah!
Be true to your teeth, or your teeth will false you!
Oh no...
not another
With respect to
your ideas...I
would advise you
to 'stick your neck
out' once in a while...
with caution!
Government at Work!
Who's there?
Wendy, who?
Wendy Red, Red
Robin, comes Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along...
Look Mom...
no cavities!.
If I had a hammer...
I'd hammer in the  morning....
Y-A-W-N!  Oh...
excuse me...I was
just watching how
the American
works on C-SPAM!
Free Stuff
Come See.
Outside the candy
store...looking in!
Question:  Do blonds
really have more fun?.
Answer: Does a  porcupine cross his legs carefully?
I've been milking
this job for over
50 years...
If you park
your broom
in a no-parking
zone...or you'll
get a ticket!.
Who's there?
Annie who?
Annie thing you
can do...I can do
Mt. Rushmore II - in Washington, D.C.
Motto of the U.S. Congress
See nothing; hear nothing;
say nothing; and especially
do a lot of monkey-business, and keep giving raises to ourselves! 
"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."  VIctor Borge
I didn't know acupuncture
was going to be like this...
leave me leaking all over!.
Medication bottles are so
difficult to open, that I
usually get my 3 year old
grand-daughter to open
them for me!
You missed
a spot!
Take two aspirin...and
email me in the morning!
How many
do you have
in your closet?
Jerry Aragon, Ph.D (Phunny humor Doctor)
When I read the morning
paper, the first thing I do,
is to check the obituary
column...and if my name
isn't's going to
be a good day!
Everybody's taking
pot -shots at you can join in, too!
Over $200,000 for the "American
Dream?"  Boy, somebody's sure getting the short end
of the 2" x 4"!
Jerry-atrics Clinic
You don't see many of us in a lot of trick-or treat bags, do you?
Give the
Congress a
raise every
I love to do the bug-a-loo and the twist!
The Positive and Healing Power of Humor
...just what the doctor ordered!.
You think you're
caught between
a rock and a hard
place...what about m-e-e-e?
I love 'going green,'
if you know what I mean...
jelly bean!
1) Humor is the best medicine to stay happy and healthy, but we all knew that already: 2) Humor can help to reduce stress, and can help in the healing process;  3) Humor can help us to cope in the most depressing of situations and darkest of days; 4) Humor can help to create a positive work place, which can be excellent for creativity and idea development.  Humor and creativity just seem to go together; 5) The ability to laugh at ourselves at all the "crazy" and "insane" things we all do, can be healthy for our well-being; 6) Humor can help bring people together, and that is important in the work place, because teamwork is a high priority; 7) Humor can help all of us cope with the aging process; 8) Research has shown that the punch line, can help the bottom line! 
.Get inspired...get motivated...
get going!
Would it be proper to
tell a skier to...
* Humor Has Been My Life's CallingI've been in the humor business for over 50 years, and
  I never get tired of putting a smile on somebody's face! 
Copyright; Jerry Aragon; 2007
All Rights Reserved
Copyright; Jerry Aragon; 2007
All Rights Reserved
Shop 'Till
You Drop
Humor reduces stress in the work place!
Humor can boost creativity! 
Humor helps to improve employee morale
Humor helps to improve communications! 
The American Flip-
Flop Party
Trivia Department: Did you know...
the word "racecar" is spelled the same backwards
National Park
I don't see a lot of women wearing
dresses anymore...I see a lot of
men wearing them...but not women!
Categorizing my articles:  With over 100 articles now, in my portfolio, I decided to categorize them by topics, to help the reader find what may interest them.  Go to Authors Den to see the list.  (21 categories)
Article entitled: Categorizine My Articles by Topic!.
To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!
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