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To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!.
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You Can't Please Everyone...
So, Don't Try!

Today, I don't think it matters if a person gets a promotion; wins an award; receives nice flowers from a loved one at work; buys a house; completes a degree, etc.,...chances are, that individual could be the victim of the ugly faces of jealousy and/or resentment from a few negative and people of hate, and the little minds of the world, who always seem to be around to do their damage.

And, it doesn't matter what field or environment you're in; politics; entertainment; sports...fellow employees; the neighbors...and even family members.

Dealing with negative people...

Years ago, the telephone rang, and at the other end, was a writer from  the Albuquerque Journal, which is New Mexico's largest newspaper.  The caller wanted to do a story on my work (wood carved figures).  At that time, something like this had never happened to me, so I was excited, and gladly accepted the offer.

A couple of days later, the writer came over, and everything
went well...we talked...had a good time, and she took a few pictures.

After participating in over 40 arts and crafts shows, and selling my woodwork all over the state of New Mexico, I learned very early on, NOT to talk too much about what I do.  I know that all I'll get for my trouble is jealously and resentment  from the "little minds of the world."  as I refer to negative people.  So, over the years, I've kept quiet about what I do, and that policy goes for at work as well, and to this day.  (Isn't that awful?)

At my job, where I had been employed for about 6 years, most
fellow employees knew nothing about my work, so when the half-page article (with photos) came out, most of them were surprised.

But, it turned out to be one of the worst days of my life!  A couple of people were nice and positive toward me.  Most were distant and cool, (and remained that way) and there were even a couple of people who were downright hateful!  It was awful!  I had worked so many years on my work...I didn't think anything like this could happen to me.  Fellow employees were cool  to me for months to come.   I felt hollow and empty inside for a while.

I was not happy about what happened to me at work, but I was going to have to decide, that if  another opportunity came up for me like this in the future...what was I going to do?

About three years went by, and I got another call from a different writer at the Albuquerque Journal, who wanted to feature my work.  And, now it was decision time!  After serious thought and consideration, I called him back the next day, and told him "Yes...I would be glad to do it!"

I was not going to let the "little minds of the world"  ruin my life!

A couple of days later, the article came out in the newspaper, and I stood tall and proud, and I didn't talk to anyone at work..and, they didn't talk to me either!  That was just fine with me. My work and accomplishments would proudly go forward!  But, it would never be the same at work again!

*           *          *           *
New Mexico is blessed with thousands of talented artists and craftspeople, and there are many quality arts and crafts shows that are held each year around the State.

My 14  piece hand-carved wood Manger Set, was accepted to be shown at the New Mexico Sculptor's Guild in Santa Fe, New Mexco.  It was on dsplay for a month at the Santa Fe Community College.

When I went back to pick up the piece, I had a chat with a couple of Guild members, who told me that they were happy about everything about their show...the organization of it...the attendence and so forth. But,  they were very
about one of the critics/writers at the Santa Fe newspaper.

Anyway, the show did not get a good review from this particular writer at the newspaper, and the Guild members were pretty disgruntled about it, because they had put in so much work to make the show successful.

I have never had any use for critics of any kind, in any medium.  They shouldn't have the power they have, and they do their share of damage.  The
little minds of the world
at work again!

*          *           *          *

I was driving to work one day, and I was listening to a radio talk show.  The guest on the show, was a long-time broadcast/journalist, who has worked for one of the top television news networks for over 25 years. 

And, she talked about how, if she visited one of the affiliates or local television stations, that as soon as she walked in the front door...she had made ten enemies!  That's because people would be jealous and/or resentful of her because she has been such a success. .The fact, that she is a woman...and the fact that she has endured for so many years at the top of her profession only added to the problem for her..  All this bias and hatred is generated by the little minds of the world!

These negative people would do themselves a favor, if they would put their time and energies into more positive things to benefit themselves, their families, and their communities.

*          *          *

I am not writing this piece because I'm a crusader for anything...or because I'm out to change the world.  I write this piece, because if there is anyone out there, who has suffered the same pain I have suffered...(many times), I want you to're not alone!

One thing is certain about my life:  I don't like to have negative people around me, and I'll quickly show them the door! 

I think the senior President Bush said it best many years ago:   "What we need is a kinder and gentler nation."  What he was talking about, in my view, is what Americans are doing to each other as a People:: jealousy; resentment; bias; bigotry; discrimination; road rage; put-down; teasing; gossip, and plain old hate, etc.

Maybe the tragic events of 9/11 will help to bring American's closer together...let's hope so...

But, there is one piece of advice I will give anyone out there who has suffered the same pain I have can't please don't try!   Jer
To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!.
Jerry Aragon/Humor Doctor           
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