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"Jerry Aragon, the CEO (Chief Executive Oddball)  of humordoctormd, has authored  this site to share, help, motivate, educate, inform, to entertain, and to try to encourage people to get more humor into their lives.' 

A trip to Bedlam General Hospital's Operating Room, is sure to tickle your funny bone.  The Humor Clinic stays open 24 hours a day, to help those suffering from terminal seriousness.  Jerry makes a promise to keep his humor clean, and you won't need  anticeptic for his jokes.  'This site is for kids; women; seniors, and families.'

Take a few minutes, to see that humor really is the best medicine for everything that ails you, and that a laugh a day, keeps the doctor away.  Join Jerry in the Funny Farm, so you can spread joy and be healthy in the process!"   Thank you very much ...Jerry Aragon
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Your website, humordoctormd, has been designated as a winner of the World Laughter Tour Website Award.  This award is made in appreciation and recognition of deserving websites around the world that meet the following criteria:

    * Promote laughter and humor for their many redeeming
    * Make people aware of the importance of humor, laughter at
      home, and work, school and in the healing processes.
    * Show how laughter can make the world a better more
       peaceful place.
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A special thanks to everyone who has sent me those wonderful emails concerning my work and my site. They are my little treasures; they mean
a lot to me, and I keep them all.  (My website does not have a guestbook)                                                        
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
This is a family website
Like so many other American's, fall is my favorite time of the year!
It's harvest time!
Everyday is Thanksgiving for me, as long as I have my
health, family and good friends, etc.

Despite the simple tools I have to work with on this website, and being a novice in website building, I've tried to make my website the best I can make it over the last few years.  I've tried to make my website useful; inspirational...something for everyone; a place to share with others...and entertaining as well, etc. 

This is a page to give a BIG THANKS ...to those who have sent me those wonderful emails; to those who have requested a link exchange; published my articles (275+ websites), and to those who have recognized my work and my website.  It is important for me to showcase and honor their gift to me...which are shown below...they have made my day...my week...my month...my year...my decade...my century...and my...millinuminnumimum!  (I never was a good speler...sorry!) 

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The clip-art library at Homestead (Host) is not available anymore, and I have to give a BIG THANKS to all the talented graphics artists,  who put these wonderful graphics together.  My website would not be the same without all these wonderful images, etc. 
Update: July, 2013.
Falling On Hard Times
I was dis-connected from my website and the Internet from May, 2004 to November,
2006 (2 1/2 years) because of hardship and heart failure.  You can read about it here.
World Wide Web Award
humordoctormd/May, 2007
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For the second time in 5 years, my website has received the
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Monday September 24, 2007
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get motivated...get going!
"For those who want to succeed, they will find a way...and, for those who don't...
will find an excuse."  Leo Aquila
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