Good Samaritans?

Early on Saturday morning, an elderly couple was on their way to the airport, to take a friend to catch a plane, and who had been visiting from out of state.

It had been raining hard that morning, and as the elderly man, who was driving, tried to negotiate a corner, the car slid onto a street divider (island), and got stuck in the landscaping.  Try as they may, the three of them, were not able to push the car off the divider and back onto the street.

A few minutes later, two men came driving by in a pick-up truck, noticed their situation, and stopped to give them a hand.  "Oh, gentlemen are so kind to stop and help us," one of the elderly women remarked, as she tried to help push the car off the island.

The five of them pushed and pushed, and finally the car was dis-lodged from the divider, and was out in the street.  All of a sudden, one of the men, reached into the front seat of the car, and grabbed one of the women's purses, and made off with it!  The two men quickly ran away...jumped into their pick-up and sped away!

The three seniors stood there STUNNED and APPALLED...not believing what had just happened!

"Well, at least none of us were hurt by those thugs" one of the women exclaimed.  "The other good thing about all this,"
she eplained, "is that all my credit cards were in my purse.  Now, I'll have to cancel all of them...get new ones...and FORCE myself to go on a shopping spree, and break
them all in!"
Copyright; Jerry Aragon; 2006
"I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy" Marie Curie