Along the Bumpy Road of Life!
(Family Display Show)
All of us are in the construction business. . . .              . . . building our resumes and constructing our lives for the future.  Building materials  include:  determination; discipline; comittment; passion; perseverience; education; training...and a wheelbarrow full of perspiration!
The bumpy road of life is littered with pot-holes; barricades; dead-ends;detours; and orange barrels, cones and plenty of coneheads (difficult people), which cause great frustration for the motoring public. 

Everyone in the world...and I mean traveling on the bumpy road of life.  We all have to find a way to survive; overcome the challenges in life; and get through and over the obstacles in life.  It all can be a maddening adventure...or shall I say a mis-adventure! 

What is one of the best ways to learn?  From others, right?  Learn from their experiences...both good and bad; learn from their wisdom; their education; talents; skills...and more importantly...from their ideas!  And, that's what the Bumpy Road of Life show is primarily about...ideas; creativity and solving problems! 
Bumpy Road!
This is a family show
AlongThe Bumpy Road of Life
(Family Display Show)
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy

UPDATE: August, 2012
Jerry Aragon;  P.O. Box 81161,  Albuquerque, New Mexico;  87198  505-842-5310;

Who are you calling
lazy, chump?.
Along the bumpy road of life....
On the Bumpy Road of Life...
young people are encouraged to take the HIGH road...
and not the LOW road in life!
I'll leave you now, with this inspiring thought...
"We humans are proof that God has a sense of humor." 
Scribarbo Bungo.
"Do not look for excuses to lose...look for excuses to win."
Chi Chi Rodriguez
To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!
Jerry Aragon/The Humor Doctor 
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Is Life Passing You By?

One day, you're 25 years old and feeling your oats...and the next day, you're 65 years old and headed to the Old Folks but how time flies!  You say, you're procrastinated most of your life away, and you have nothing to show for your time? 

Grandma Moses was an embroiderer...but because of arthritis in her hands...she became a painter at the age of 78.  During her lifetime, she painted over 1,000 pictures and was a celebrity all over the world.  Amazing! Goes to show's never too late to start on a project!  Get inspired; Get Motivated; Get Going...
Work in Progress; May, 2012
Ladies and gentlemen...start your engines...
this is where the rubber hits the road...the bumpy road of life...
Bumpy Road
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Bumpy Road
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Bumpy Road
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Who says there isn't anything FREE anymore?

Since everything begins with an idea...the visitor will get his or her FREE tour of the humordoctormd website, along with the Authors Den writing site...and will get the following and more;
ideas/creativity; page composition ideas; taking chances with ideas; captioning graphics; titles; articles; quotes; white space use; inspiration; motivation; color balance ideas; and the use of humor...all FREE!

Young people and kids can come to a clean website to get ideas for their school work...FREE!

Business people can come here to get ideas to grow their business...FREE!

Anyone can come here to get ideas for their projects around the home and the work place...FREE!

And in short... this is what this family display show is about...ideas; creativity and solving problems

Bumpy Road
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Bumpy Road
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The Way the Show Works
The two displays, showing the 72 items, are just a snap-shot of what I do.  With over 340 articles on my writing site; nearly 100 colorful pages on my website, and an informative directory...the visitor will pick up a business card (at their option), and proceed to visit my sites at his or her own convience.  Shown below, are the links, where the visitor can reach easily and continue on their tour of all the sites. 

Show Purpose
To entertain; to share; educate; inform; inspire and to encourage people to get more humor and creativity into their lives. 
Show Contents
Photographs; clip-art compositions; stories; anecdotes; articles; quotes; all on specialized paper...lots of humor!
Displayed Items
There will be 72 displayed items in the show, and touch on the following important areas; positive thinking; mutual respect; courage; hope; inspiration; style; encouraging young people to stay in school; humor; and of course...ideas and creativity. 
SITEMAP; 350+ Links For Your Convenience;

Articles published page; Over 100 of my 340+ articles have been published
on more than 500 websites on the Internet.  Follow the links below/2 pages;

Authors Den; (Writing site)  Over 340+ articles in many different subjects
under the sun.  (40+ categories)

Honors/Awards page; Here, the reader will find some recognition for my
work and website. 

Online Resume page; (Cloud 9 and Important Links page;

Off Line resume page; Before I got into writing, I was a woodcarver, and this
is my art resume. 

SOS! My Serious and Silly Articles; (Popularity list)  This is a list of my articles
and are listed from the most popular in at #1 to #100.  The rest of my articles
are also listed;

SOS! My Serious and Silly Articles; (category list/page 1 and 2)  All my articles
are categorized on this list.

Top View

Along the Bumpy Road of Life....
The (display) show is for people of all walks of life...
and of all ages!
America the Beautiful!
The Berlin Wall came tumbling down in 1988...effectively ending the dangerous Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.  Shortly, after the demise of the Berlin Wall...reporters from the West were allowed to enter eastern Europe to report what they saw.  Dilapidated homes; buildings and companies is what they saw and reported if time had stood still. 

Here, in the United States...and, because of freedom of its citizens, and the ability for the citizens to exchange ideas with each other...the United States
has prospered, and has become the greatest and most powerful country in the world.  That's what this family show is about...IDEAS! in America, I even have the freedom to criticize the President of the United States and the U.S. Congress if I want to.  So much so, that I have written several articles critical of the U.S. Congress, and posted the pieces on my writing site. 

- U.S. Congress; The Best Little Whorehouse In Washington, D.C.
- U. S. Congress; Throw the BUMS Out!
- U.S. Congress; American's #1 Red Light District;
- U.S. Congress;  How Do You Spell Worthless?  U-S-C-O-N-G-R-E-S-S

GREETINGS! WELCOME To Albuquerque, New Meico...home of the International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta;

I was born and still reside in a sleepy one-horse town of Albuquerque, New Mexico, which has a population of about 500,000...including the horse.  And yes, we do have running water; electricity, and indoor fascilities.    (amazing, eh?)  For those of you around the world, who may not be familiar with the city of Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico, I will try to put it on the map for you. 

The state of New Mexico, is located in the southwestern part of the United States...with our good neighbor located to the east...the state of Texas; our good neighbor to the north...the state of Colorado; our good neighbor to the west...the state of Arizona; and our good neighbor to the south...the country of Mexico. The city of Albuquerque is centrally located in the state of New Mexico, with I-25 and I40 intersecting in Albuquerque.  (commonly called the 'Big I)

Albuquerque Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta;
Up Up and Away; A Feast for the eyes!

Art/craft show experience; (color my world)

As a woodcarver for over 30 years, I've participated and sold my work in over 40 arts and crafts shows throughout the state of New Mexico.  The participation in the shows gave me the confidence and courage I needed to build my website, so that people around the world can see what I can do. 

Website name; humordoctormd
Humor and creativity just seem to go together

IDEA!  Later...I decided to promote my own arts and crafts show myself, and so I founded and was the director of the Fiesta of Arts and Crafts (Art in the Park).  The Fiesta was held outdoors at the beautiful Haynes Park Center, during the first week in October, which cooincided with the International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta, which is held the same week.  

Imagine this if you can; the show was held at a beautiful park, where there an abundance of pine trees; elms; and cottonwoods; with the beautiful Sandia mountains in the background, which rise to a height of 10,600 feet above sea level; the colorful displays scattered throughout the park; and the hot-air balloons doting the skies above...what a sight! 

IDEA!  After I retired from woodcarving, I took up writing...I must be crazy! 


(writing);  When I was 43 years of age, I completed three writing courses, which included; the Writers Digest course; the National Writers Club course; and a Creative Writing course at the University of New Mexico.  It's one of the best things I have ever done for my writing.  Completing the writing courses, gave me the confidence and courage to build my website and writing site. (article directory) 

Articles Published page;  Over 100 of my articles have been published on more than 500 websites on the Internet.  (to date)

IDEA! In the year 2008, I was hospitalized for over 3 1/2 months at the VA Medical Center.  During this time, I obviously, had a lot of time on my hands, and it was during this time, that the idea came to me to have a family (display) show for the public.  But, how the show would look, or how it would be done...I had no idea at the time. 

For over 30 years, I had been in the colorful world of art and craft...and now I'm in the dull and lack-luster field of writing (yawn, here)...a black word on a boring white page!  (yawn, again)  How in the world was I going to dress up a page of writing, to make it colorful and interesting?  I had no idea at the time. 

IDEA!  One day, I was at the local Hobby Lobby, picking up some supplies for my work.  I happened to walk down the specialty paper isle...which was loaded with colorful prints of all kinds.  I had never looked closely at the paper, so I decided to look for a moment, and I didn't know what to expect.  To my joy...and as soon as I looked a a couple of samples...firecrackers began to go off in my head, in the form of ideas...ideas for the family (display) show!  I bought about 30 sheets right away, and started working on the show...I felt like I was in the candy store at the time...

The more I looked at all these specialty papers...the more I knew that my dream could come true!  There were donzens or hundreds of these colorful papers on display, and I was going to look at all of them, no matter how long it took.  Color specialty papers such as; snowflakes; football; popcorn; basketball; grass; candy corn; colored leaves; outer space; rock n' roll; sea shells; balloons; bricks; pumpkins; traffic signs; jungle; dice; water colors; smileys; pencils; dogbones and many, many more!  An incredible assortment of creativity! 
The prices were good as well...most were 29 cents to 59 cents a piece.  I bought about 30 pieces, and I felt this was a good start.  Over the next year, I would put together the 72 pieces needed for the show.  36 on each four-foot table. 

Bumpy Road
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The bumpy road takes us to the...
displayed item page (click here)
Work in Progress
May, 2012
Front view
Along the Bumpy
Road of Life
Bumpy Road
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Bumpy Road
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Bumpy Road
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Bumpy Road
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Bumpy Road
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Bumpy Road
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This show is NOT a stand-alone show.  It must be held in conjuction with another show, event, or celebration put on by the sponsoring organization, such as a convention; conference; holiday party; arts and crafts show; employee retirement party; celebration,etc. 
The show is FREE for non-profit/charitable organizations, such as schools, hospitals, service organizations, non-profit clubs, etc. 
NO churches; or religious organizations; no contraversial organizations or issues such as abortion; smoking, etc.  NO businesses of any kind.  NO politics or political rallies of any kind.
There will be two (4 foot) tables that make up the show.  They will be spaced apart, so as to allow foot traffic to walk around them.  All fire regulations and ordinances will be observed and obeyed.  The tables/displays will take up about 12 square feet. 
This is a family show!  There will be no profanity or vulgarity used of any kind; no dirty humor, etc. 
There will be 72 items being displayed.  All are standard size of 8.5 x 11.  The fonts or lettering used are large (28 to 40) which can be easily read by the public.  Items displayed are mounted in both vertical/horizontal look for balanced appearance. 
There will be NO hand-outs or soliciting at the show on my part.  There will be business cards placed on the tables, and the visitor can pick one up at their option. 
All displayed items are laminated and secured to the display to prevent vandalism. 
Before the show takes place, I must receive a permission slip, on organization stationary, that I have permission to be there. 
Everything displayed is attached to the display before the show, so the set up time is short (about 15 minutes) and the break-down time is about the same.
I will provide public liability insurance.
I will only show for one day, and will only show in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area.
Jerry Aragon;  P.O. Box 81161,  Albuquerque, New Mexico;  87198  505-842-5310;

Listed below, are additional articles, which may be of interest to the reader. 

Made In America; (ideas/creativity);  Don't Let Those Ideas Get Away

Getting Usable Ideas By Setting EGO Aside; Taking Care of Business; (ideas)

Taking Risks; Using Imagination and Silliness; (ideas)

Taking Chances With My Ideas In Writing;

Display #1; Decorated in the traffic colors; orange; yellow; with a splash of black and white;

Display #2; Decorated in the Red, White and Blue colors
Be a good listener...
and you'll get more
Bumpy Road
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