A Condition of  Great  Joy!
Cloud 9
Zoetrope (Screenwriting) http://www.zoetrope.com
(Francis Ford Coppola site):The site is laid out in Buildings; Offices and Private
Offices;  I have been invited to many Private Offices (19) to participate in  discussions
on various topics of interest relating to screenwriting. Thanks to everyone!
INVITED to join "I Laugh," a discussion group on working humor, who share experiences  with a group of 1100  Laughmates  (www.workinghumor.com)   
Thank you Gunstun
Online Resume Page  UPDATE:July, 2013

Cloud 9 Celebration /Important Links Page
Emerging Courageous Online Magazine
The following writing pieces are currently published here;   Poem; "Thanksgiving"  :
It Takes Courage ; You Can Do It; (published in newsletter)  Thank you Marilyn
Sell Writing Online.com   http://sellwritingonline.com
Voted number one e-zine editor by Preditors and Editors for 2003
Several of my writing pieces appear on this site,  Thank you my lady friend Dallas.
Women At Work Network     http://www.cmymtc.com/boohomebiz/
Writing pieces listed have appeared been published in  newsletter: It Takes Courage; What's In a Name!    Building My Website...one brick at a timeYou Can Do It ;
My writing piece, The Word Game, was published in newsletter (1/24/03)
Thank you Linda
Tidbits From The Pantry http://www.humonsrv.net
The following writing piece published in newsletter: The Positive Power of Humor  Thank you Stephenia
Runnerduck.com  http://www.runnerduck.com
Website of the Week for the last week in June, 2002 
Thank you Ken and Marilyn
Start Smartz.com    http://www.startsmartz.com
My website was featured in the July , 2002 issue of Startsmartz newsletter; 
Thank you Clarissa 
WriteRight Literary Ezine
My writing piece entitled: The Positive Power of Humor
published in newsletter September, 2002    Thank you Nancy
Words of Wisdom 4 U (Canada) A Collection of motivational thoughts
http://www.wow4u.com If you want to get motivated and inspired... visit this site!
Invited to exchange links with this site: (Sept, 2002) A brief summary
of my site; and some very nice words by the site owner. ttp://www.wow4u.com/page6.html)
My motivation piece entitled: You Can Do It, was published in newsletter.  The same piece was was placed in the Poetry Section of the site. My site was featured in newsletter
January, 2003       Thank you Catherine
eHappyLife.com Personal Development
This is a colorful, happy site, filled with lots of goodies, and you'll want to come
back again and again!  Invited to exchange links with this site, and some
very kind words have been added by the site owner.Thank you Joe 
The Motivational and Inspirational Corner
America's motivational headquarters, where you'll find motivational and inspirational
quotes and stories.  Home of the Power Up Passage of the Day, and the Power
Performance Program  INVITED to exchange links with this site. Link/site description
in Humor Section  Also, published on this site:  My writing piece entitled: 
The Positive Power of Humor published on this site:
_quotes.html Thank you Greg 
Motivation123.com    http://www.motivation123.com
WANT TO GET MOTIVATED? Get your free Motivation123 Idea Kit; free motivation newsletter, and hundreds of quick and easy tips to help you reach your goals and
improve your attitude. Invited to exchange links with this site  Thank you Tracy
The Worldwide Art Gallery (Australia)   http://www.theartgallery.com.au
All things art site; Art History; Art Directory; Kids' Art Gallery and education resource;
free art quiz (win prizes), plus contrmporary international and Australian Art. Invited
to exchange links with this site.  Thank you Morgen
Health and Happiness For You  http//www.healthhappiness.com.au
Information and products promoting the experience of life includes: Ayuveda; Kinesiology; natural babycare products; herbal tea; meditation, and more.
Invited to exchange links with this site. Thank you Mark
Good Housekeeping Site of the Day
Presented by:  Daily Inbox.com   http://www.dailyinbox.com  
October 1, 2002, Thank You Gail 
Writer Gazette  http://www.writergazette.com
Listed by Writers Digest as Best 101 Sites for Writers, 2002.
My website was featured in newsletter.  Thank you Krista
The Confidence Centerconfidencecenter.com
Harriet Meyerson;  How conficent are you?  Take the confidence quiz. Are you happy at work?  The the employee morale assessment.  Other Free Resources. 
Invited to exchange links with this site;  My writing piece, It Takes Courage. is posted on this site;  Thank you Harriet
Circle of Gracehttp://www.circle-of-grace.com
Offers personal empowerment coaching.  We offer email courses; a forum and a chat room.  Contact us for a complimentary coaching session. Invited to exchange links with this site;  My article, It Takes Courage, was published in newsletter (1/22/03).: My article, Writing is Easy, was published in newsletter 1/29/03, 
Thank you, Sibyl
ConfidenceWorld.com  http://www.confidenceworld.com
FREE Confidence building excercises, tools and resources for a confident new you.  FREE membership to the web's premier Confidence Building website.  Invited to exchange links with this site.  Thank you Sean
SistersFive: http://www.sistersfive.homestead.com
Invited to exchange links with this site.  Thank you Phyllis
World Laughter Tour  Award;  
There are dozens of humor websites which comprise the World Laughter Tour, where you can learn about the positive and healing power of humor. 
Thank You, Steve
Jim's Place; http://www.jpulliam2001.homestead.com/home.html
Family; poems and joy of true love; the pain of lost love.
Invited to exchange links with this site.  Thank you Jim
Invited to exchange with this site.  Thank you Scott
Golden Web Award: http://www.goldenwebaward.com
International Association of Webmasters and Designers; 2007;   Thanks to everyone.
American Association of Therepeutic Humor(AATH)
Invited to join this wonderful organization of people, in all walks of life, interested in the positive power of humor.    Thank you Mary
My Favorite Ezineshttp://www.myfavoriteezines.com
The most popular family friendly ezine and nwsletter directory on the Internet.  Find family friendly ezines here or list yours at no charge.  No adult or objectionable content allowed Invited to exchange links with this site.  Thank you Sharon and Terri.
YourArt.com. http://www/yourart.com
Invited to join YourArt.com to show and sell my art work.  (wood sculptors) 
Thank you Ojars
Entertainment Award:   http://www.akavirgo.com
Presented by the Miller Communications Group   (Canada)
Thank you Lynne
Voted one of best comedy and humor sites Thanks to everyone
Personal Freedom and Empowerment  Links I Like;
My website/link was featured in the newsletter; August, 2002.Thank you Russ.
firstwriter.com has everything a writer needs - all in one site!  Small press
directory, competition listings, an online magazine accepting submissions online, an online store, editorial services, tips, agents, and more!
Invited to exchange links/site description with this site.  Thank you Paul
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
Bits and Pieces for Authors (Award Winning Newsletter)
Winner of Preditors & Editors Poll; January, 2003; 1st place; Best: non-fiction ezine; writer's info; and best ezine editor.  My website was listed/featured in this award-winning  newsletter.  Thank you Elizabeth
EzineArticles.com: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jerry_Aragon
Designated Platinum Writer. Thank you Chris
Articles published:
Emerging Courageous Online Magazine
My poem Thanksgiving can be viewed at the following site:
This is a family
(Home; email- humordoctor@gmail.com; Site map)
Helium.com; Invited to post my articles on this article directory
Thank you Melissa. 
Inner Bonding.com:  Relationship Help; Relationship Advice; Spiritual Growth; Parenting Advice;  Learn the transformational Inner Bonding healing
process and find help with relationships; addictions, parenting issues, aloneness,
spiritual connection; anxiety and depression.  Thank you Margaret
Words of Wisdom 4 You.com: Visit this wonderful website to get your words of wisdom, inspiration, and motivation.  My writing piece, You Can Do It, appears on this site.  Thank you Catherine (Canada)
Awards/Honors Page
Southwest Writers :  Invited to speak on the positive and healing power of humor and humor writing.  Thank you Rob
Free Content: (Learn more)
My articles published 500+ websites
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World Wide Web Awardhumordoctormd for May, 2007.
Thanks to everyone!
Small Business Development Center (SBA/Honolulu office): .was given permission to use material off my website, for their newsletter to their clients.
Thank you Caroline
"Failure is the opportunity to begin more intelligently"  Henry Ford.
Cool Stuff 4 Writers.comAnnouncement in newsletter (Cool Newsletter 4 Writers) on my latest article on writing, "The Boob-Tube vs. Improving My Writing, in the October, 2007 issue.  Thank you Sandy
Good Housekeeping Site of the Day: For the second time in five years, my website has received the Site of the Day for Monday September 24, 2007.  Thanks to everyone
New Mexico Osteopathic Medical Association:  Invited to speak on the Positive and Healing Power of Humor at their 24th annual winter symposium at Taos, New Mexico in February 7-9, 2008.  Thank you Ralph.
WriteItNow - Creative Writing Software: From first idea to final manuscript.  Try a free demo today.  Invited to exchange links with this website.  Thank you Julia. 
Thank you Marilyn
Behance NetworkInvited to join the Behance Network; creative portfolios; projects; and collaborations for creative professionals, etc. Thank you Behance team
How To Do Things.com: Invited to submit articles of a "how to"
nature to this article directory.  Thank you Liz 
Erma Bombeck Writing Group(Yahoo Groups)  Invited to join this humor writing group.  Thank you Tim
22 x 2Invited to post my articles on this article directory.  Thank you Yossi
Duke City Fit: (Newsletter on fitness) Albuquerque New Mexico (USA) is called the "Duke City" because it was founded by the Duke of Albuquerque from Spain back in the Stone Age.  Invited to submit material to this newsletter relating to humor and fitness.  Thank you Ken
Presentation Training LondonSkillstudio provide expert training and coaching in presentation skills, public speaking and all aspects of business communication in London, and across the UK, Europe and Asia.
Invited to exchange links with this website.  Thank you Sanykail
CoolStuff4Writers.comMy article entitled, "Writers Often Get the Short-end of the Pencil" which is about writers who don't get the recognition they deserve, was featured/announced in the August, 2008 issue of the CoolNewsletter4Writers.  Thank you Sandy
Associated Content: Invited to submit content to this website.
Thank you Brenna
CoolStuff4Writers.comIn the November, 2008 issue of CoolNewsletter4Writers, my Section on the progress of my articles entitled, SOS! My Serious and Silly articles was featured.  Thank you Sandy
Treat Her: Tips and buying guide...gifts for her!  Invited to exchange links with this website.  Thank you James
Vedanta Today.comRequest to use my articles on their website.  Thank you Venkataramana
Author's Den: (Writing site)  My article entitled, :"Felix Navidar" (Merry Christmas) has made the fifty most popular list at Author's Den.  Thanks to everyone!
Cars & Automotive Classified AdsCars & automotive classified ads.  Invited to exchange links with this website.  Thank you jemskail
Louis Vuitton ReplicasInvited to exchange links with this website.  Thank you
Premium Photo Paper and T-Shirt Transfer: Paper at great prices; Invited to exchange links with this website.  Thank you Mary
Rome LodgingRoman Reference has more than 300 Rome lodging in the historic center.  Invited to exchange links with this website.  Thank you joohi.
BookWhirl.com: Book marketing company.  Invited to represent me and my book when the book is finished.  Thank you Eric.
Sketch Notes; (Leann Marshall.com)  My article entitled, The Positive and Healing Power of Humor has been published on Authors Den for September, 2009. Thank you Leann
Encino Gardens Newsletter (seniors)  My article entitled, "Stranded,"was published in the monthily newsletter for September, 2009. 
Thank you Sheryl.
HUD: (Department of Housing and Urban Development)  My (testimonial) entitled, "Bad Things Happen to Good People" was accepted for publication (newsletter) for the 50th anneversary of HUD.  Thanks to everyone
Sketch Notes; (Leann Marshall.com;  My article entitled, "The Two-Headed Monster," was published on this website for Halloween, 2009.  Thank you Leann
Co-Creator Network.comInvited to share with listeners (radio/March 15, 2010), the positive and healing power of humor. Thank you Julie Ann
To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!
Jerry Aragon/The Humor Doctor           humordoctormd@gmail.com
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SOS! My Serious & Silly Articles           Articles Published
Educational ConnectionInvited to the Tampa Bay area, to take a tour of the area hospital programs that incorporate humor/clowns in their programs.  Thank you Leslie
HumorLinks.com: (directory)  My website (humordoctormd) was accepted and a full page/link was placed on this humor website.  The visitor can go to this site and vote. Thank you Warwick
Humor That Works.com: Invited to submit humor-related articles to this website. Thank you Drew
Susan Rempel.com:  The link for the following article, entitled 'Chemical Dump; Time To Close Kirtland AFB has been placed on this site. Thank you Susan
LinkedIn.com; As of January, 2013, there have been 400+ connections who have linked to my website. Endorsements; (100+) Thanks to everyone.  Instructions to find the page;
1)  Click the link above;
2)  Enter my name in the search window; (Jerry Aragon)
3)  Click on the first name on the list; Humor Doctor
4)  Scroll down the page until you come to profile/color photos/endorsements

TumorHumor.org: Invited by this organization to participate in their mission, that is, to help cancer victims.  Thank you Kelly

Creative AlbuquerqueI live in Albuquerque, New Mexico...a city with a population of over 500,000.  My work/website has been featured by the arts/cultural department of the City for a year in 2012.   Thanks to everyone.
Joke of the Week;
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HASMARK SERVICES ; I was invited recently to attend a writer's conference in Los Angeles in the spring of 2013. Thanks Judy
American Therapeutic Humor Association:  (ATHA);  Invited to attend the yearly humor convention in San Diego, CA in March, 2013  Thank you Jean
WRITER'S RELIEF; (writing publication);  Invited to submit a few of my writing pieces in different genres.  Thank you Ronnie
awpwriter.orgInvited to become a member of this writing organization at George Mason University in Virginia, USA...Thank you Diane
GROVO; Invited to join this organization...thank you Edie