From:  page 38 of my booklet;
This is a document I downloaded from a site called Injury Lawyer and it has
a few FAQ, one of which is, "My injury is partly my I have a case?"  Answer: 
"That depends on the state that you are in and the percentage of fault that is assigned
to you.  Quite often being partly at fault does not disqualify a claim."  .
Patient Relations office:
This office is located on the grounds of the VA Medical Center in Albuquerque, New
Mexico.  .This the office, where veterans go to complain and to get their problems solved.  (supposedly)   In my five major complaints, from not getting my mail for over 3 years to
getting my left ear burned by a medical student with liquid nitrogen, I have never heard
from this office with any of my complaints.  And, I told one of the Senator's...this office
is a waste of taxpayer's dollars, and is part of the problem! 

If the people who work in this office are VA employees, the reader can see the conflict
of interest right away.  In my view, this office is nothing more than "the fox guarding the
chicken coop!"
  If this is true...where does the veteran go for help? 
VA Medical Center  contacts:  (505-265-1711)

Sharon Sprague;  She called me about 30 minutes after I got home the morning of
  the hate crime by my so-called vocational counselor.  She told me that Robert Evans
  called her and told her to call me, and she would have the reasons why. 

Cleo; (last name unknown)  He was the veteran who replaced me at the Canteen,
  and he followed me and Robert Evans to Bldg. 1, and he was outside the office
  when Robert Evans tore into me.  Question:  If Cleo was called by Robert Evans to
  replace me...why wasn't I called not to come in on Monday morning.  Because this
  little stunt was planned by Robert Evans and Dr. Pilgram...that's why.

Elaine Bawdin; (House nurse)  After the treatment meeting, I stormed into Elaine's
  office and I told her, "I didn't like the way Dr. Pilgram talked to me
  understand me...I didn't like the way he talked to me!" 

Dr. Evelyn Sandine: The ward psychologist;  While I was in ward-7 for over three
  months, we held group sessions about three times a week.  There were times I was
  so sick, that I couldn't get out of bed to attend groups...and there were about six
  times when Dr. Sandine came to my room to see if I would attend groups. 

Perry; (last name unknown) Maintenance man:  If there was anybody who knew
  how sick I was in was Perry, because he cleaned the room everyday. 

Randy: (last name unknown)  Worked the afternoon shift; can testify as the abuse
  we took in the Canteen. 

* Alumni List:  The House Nurse in Bldg. 11, should have the alumni list, which
  includes all the veteran's, who have gone through the work program like myself. 
  This list should be easy to obtain. 
Charges against the VA Medical Center
Reminder: Veterans in the CWT work program are technically considered
in-patients, with full patient rights, etc;  Most live on the grounds of the VA
Medical Center.

-  Abuse in the Canteen at the VA Medical Center by my vocational counselor,
  Robert Evans, after giving me a 3 month extension in the work program.  Led
  to a suicide attempt on my part.  (deep depression/I already suffered from
  depression before this incident happened, etc.) 
-  Abuse in the Canteen for over six months;  (Randy and Cleo can verify)  
-  Instilling fear in a veteran; Dr. Pilgram;  See examples;
-  Obstruction of justice: Senator Domenici (NM) sent me a copy of the letter he
  received from Mary Dowling, the ex-VA Director.  In that letter, she references
   my letter of Feb. she knew about the hate crime early on, and decided
  to look the other way! 
-  Harrassment; Dr. Pilgram   
-  Civil rights violations - While in Ward 7; not allowed to go to G.I. Clinic to seek
  treatment and lost 16 puounds while I was in W-7. 
-  Abuse in Ward 7 for six weeks of the three months I was hospitalized;
  Something I was being given was making me sick/expermentation/guinea-
  pigging, perhaps?  -  Negligence and dereliction of duty;  
$64,000 Questions!

Why did Robert Evans (VC) call Sharon Sprague 15 minutes after the hate crime   
  against me?  What was he afraid of?
-  Why did Social Security use the date of the hate crime (2-7-05) as their starting
  point on the claim.
-  Why did someone call Cleo to come in to replace at the Canteen...and that
  someone did not call me, despite having a cell phone?
-  Was the axing of me from the work program a team decision by the PRRTP staff or
  did Robert Evans act alone?    
-  Why did Robert Evans demand that I meet him in his office in Bldg. 1 at 7:00 in the
  morning when nobody's around?
- Why were other veterans given a 30 day notice when they left the work program,
  and I was not given any notice at all?  (after I was given a 30 day extension) 
-  With over six weeks of nausea, why was I denied to go to the G.I. Clinic to get
  treated?  Why would a person be in the hospital for over three months...and then
  upon discharge from the hospital...walk across the patio and check himself into
  the emergency room to get the care he didn't get in the ward?
-  Why was Larry Hernandez and other veterans allowed back in the work program,
  but why wasn't I allowed back in? 
*  Why was a prescription given for the cholesterol by Dr. Edwards, and then the
  new doctor, Dr. Garza deleted the medication two weeks later? 
*  The VA awarded me a non-service-connected disability.  Why would Social
  Security follow suit? 
* If a veteran was happy with the VA Healthcare System...why would that veteran
  apply and get accepted to the Presbyterian Health Senior Plan, after waiting two
  years on a disability for Medicare?
* How many other veterans have suffered as Roger and I have suffered at the VA?
-  Why wasn't I allowed to go to the G.I. Clinic while I was in Ward 7 to take care of
  stomach problems?
-  When things go wrong for you...have you ever felt that you have an asterick next
  to your name, or you're on somebody's black-list?  If something like this happens
  at the VA Medical Center, I'm sure the FBI and/or a federal judge would like to
  know about it! 
*  I spent about eight months as an in-patient at the VA Medical Center; and nearly a
  year living and working on the VA grounds.  Don't you think that qualifies me to
  give my observations as to the environment at the VA Medical Center?
* Dr. Ann Waldorf is the director of the PRRTP/CWT work program, where I was
  abused and thrown out of the program by Robert Evans (VC).  She's also the
  director of Ward-7,  where I was abused for 6 weeks, lost 16 pounds with nausea,
  and was not allowed to go to the G.I. Clinic for treatment!   Do you think there can
  be something to this?  
Why was I called, within 24 hours of sending out my booklet, by the VA and an
  appointment made with Dr. Virginia Porterfield, who is in charge of Ward-7. 
  What did she want to talk about?
-  If the time-clock/records were audited at the VA Medical Center...what would they
How have my injuries affected my life?
(I was injured in the workplace as a result of someone else's actions!)

Miss-trust: If you can't trust your own doctor or vocational counselor...who can
  you trust?  As a result of this betrayal, I don't trust anyone Inside or outside the
  VA Medical Center either! 

FlashbacksI have about a dozen scars on my wrists (both sides) , and there isn't a
  day go by when I don't notice these scars, when washing my hands or showering. 
  Yes...I put those scars there with a knife...but Robert Evans and Brian Pilgram have
  their finger-prints on the knife, too! 

Concentrating/retaining: With stress and depression leading the way, I have trouble
  concentrating and retaining information.  Many times, I have to write things down, so
  I won't forget them, such as grocery lists; to do lists, etc. 

DepressionMan's inhumanity toward man!  I, now, know what that means!  This
  action...that is...looking for an attorney has been delayed, because, in doing so, has
  taken me back to the past (back-flashes) , in which I want to forget.  It has been
  stressful and depressing, to go back to the past, open a can a worms and to start
  over again.  Being betrayed by your own vocational counselor, who is well paid by
  the taxpayer's to help the veteran!

Coping/mental challengeWhen I applied for Social Security, the social worker
  asked me if I could handle my finances.  I told her I didn't know, because I had only
  been out of the hospital for a week.  About two weeks later, I lost $200.00/cash. 
  To heal takes time, and I have to be very careful with everything I do...even crossing
   the street, etc.