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Work in Progress!
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STOP; LOOK and LISTEN is my first attempt to write a book.  All of us have to get up each day and we all have to be inspired and motivated to support ourselves and our families, etc. 

Everyone knows what they do best, and I believe what I do best inspire and motivate people to do their best, etc.   And yes, there are a trillion books out there on inspiration/motivation, but when you add in the ideas...there's none like my own.  .  And, that's because my experiences in life are unique to myself.  Furthermore, nobody can tell a story like I can...simply because we're all different...we all have our own fingerprints, etc. I welcome the competition, and it will be the competition that will make my book better, etc. 

For many or us, the bumpy road of life, is littered with orange barrels; pot holes; barricades; detours; cones and plenty of cone-heads!  (difficult people)  As the reader can see, my book is going to be unique and different from all the others.  It's a collection of short stories and anecdotes...which will deal with serious issues...and will be entertaining as well.  The book will be  about my true-life experiences...some are humorous...others are not. Get inspired...get motivated...get going!  What are you waiting for?
Branching Out...
As a woodcarver for over 25 years, I had my hands full teaching myself to carve wood.  Now, I stuck my nose into the difficult field of writing...I must be crazy!  The visitor can see here how my interest in writing got started.
Writing Section
Here, you'll find the 60+ articles I have written during my first two years in writing , and the visitor can see samples and style of my writing, etc.
Articles Published
The visitor will see where my articles have been published, etc., on more
than 360 websites, blogs and directories!   
Work in Progress!
Sorry...        but, there's NO Free Lunch! 

Anything worth doing, is going to cost in time, effort, money...or all three! 

"For those who want to succeed, will find a way...and for those who don't...will find an excuse!"
Leo Aquilla.
UPDATE: August, 2011
The bumpy road of life!
To inspire and motivate others, to get  the courage it takes to confront
and  over-come their as to have a quality life...and to be
successful in reaching their goals!  
Overview: (book)
I came to write this book, because I have lost SIX jobs over a decade or so.  I worked as a temporary employee for months between regular jobs, etc.  I had the opportunity to work more than 30 different companies, both large and small.  During this time, I saw so much negativity in the work place such as...gossip; put-down of others; apathy toward quality; hate and even three fist-fights!  This is a shame!  Attitude is everything...and all American's have to do more to change their attitude toward one another in a positive way!  It was senior President Bush who said, "What we need, is a kinder, gentler nation!"  I agree! 
Book: Universal audience
(A collection of short-stories)
This book is comprised of some of the most important words in the world: Inspiration;
motivation; hope; self-respect; trust; discipline; commitment; sacrifice; will-power;
determination; integrity; honesty; open mind; positive thinking;courage; persistence;  mutual
respect; confidence/self-esteem; pride; dignity;  and how humor plays a role as well, etc.
Take humor seriously!

NOTE:  There is a story behind every word listed above...

When you have two negative parents (48 year/marriage) , blaming each other for everything that's wrong...and in denial about have a dysfunctional family!  With ten kids in the family, we all suffered because of this!  And sadly, most of my brothers and sisters (who I haven't seen in 12 years) are this way, too    ...negative and selfish!  Requirement:  Think positive!

-  In the year 2008, marks my 22nd anniversary of jogging 15 miles a week since 1986, and that translates to over 16,000 miles.  Requirementcommitment...a promise to myself.
  There's no free lunch!

In 2001, I lost 40 pounds, and I have never gained it back, despite many temptations. It took
about 10 months to lose the weight!   Requirements:  sacrifice/discipline. There's no free lunch!

- For over 40 years, I have suffered from high-blood pressure, and I have to follow doctor's instructions to do what it takes to stay alive or I wouldn't be writing this piece.It took seven years in visits to the VA Medical Center to get results. Requirements;   will-power/discipline. There's no free lunch!

- As a woodcarver for over 25 years, I participated in over 40 arts and craft shows, and sold my work.  Just like the millions of people who suffer from stage fright, there are millions of people who don't show or sell their work, because they are afraid of failure!         They have to learn to get over it!  Requirements; courage/self-confidence.  There's no free lunch!

- Over the years, I have had to follow my doctor's instructions; stay on a diet, quit drinking; quit smoking, etc.  Requirements; sacrifice/discipline/will power. 

- When I was hospitalized for over three months, and I only had 28 cents on the dresser,
and I was headed to a homeless shelter, I had to find a way out of this mess.  Requirement;  hope/determination/think positive. 

- A person who loses their hair, and goes through drastic changes in their apprearance. They have to find a way to keep their chin up and to deal with it over a long period of time, etc.  Requirement; keep self-esteem

- In my 40's, I completed three writing courses, to improve my writing skills, at a cost of about $200.00 at the time, and it took about 15 months to complete!  Requirement; Determination to be a good writer.  There's no free lunch!

- At nineteen years of age, I entered the U.S. Air Force during war. (Viet Nam).  And now, with the high cost of medical care, I get all my medical and medications free!    Requirement: courage    There's no  free lunch! 

"I appreciate the confidence with which you have approached me."  Those are the words of Senator Pete Domenici (NM) as he got involved in a VA Medical Center matter on my behalf.  I think there are many people who can't or won't defend themselves, because they are not good writers  Everything has to be in writing today such as complaints to consumer protection; patient relations, etc.  I wrote a 52
  page booklet (bound), in my appeal of the decision by the VA to terminate my disability
  pension, and I think it's one of my best works.   Having the ability to approach people
  in high places.  Requirements: courage/confidence in my writing

-  This is my first time building a website; first time writing a book; first time writing my articles
  to be posted on a directory and shown to the world.  Requirements: courage; confidence

-  Taking chances (common sense) with my website; articles; display show; and book.Requirements; courage/confidence

- In 1970, I quit smoking, which is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and  those around me, and I have not touched a cigarette since.  It took about 10 months to quit!  Requirements; discipline/will power.  There's no free lunch! 

-  In recent years, I've been betrayed by my own vocational counsellor at the VA Medical Center; my apartment manager; by two ex-friends; and by my own mother!  Who can you trust anymore?  Issue: Integrity, or lack thereof! 

-  It was a lazy summer afternoon, and I was participating in an outdoor arts and crafts show on the Plaza.  Over 150 exhibitors were selling their wares, when all of a sudden and without warning...the SPRINKLERS CAME ON!  You have not seen panic, until you see art work; pottery; ceramics crashing to the sidewalks, and people scattering in every direction!  Requirement: Determination:  Get up...dust yourself off (or dry yourself  off) and go to the next show!

Living through the drug-culture of the 1960's, I have never taken drugs of any kind,  and is one of my best accomplishments!  Requirements: discipline and the ability to say NO! 

A fellow-employee, who was about 58 years old (recently married), told me one day, that he didn't marry his wife because he loved her.  He told me he married her because he needed someone to take care of him in his old age.  This is a selfish person without \integrity!  It's amazing to me just what kind of skeletons a person has in their closets!     Issue:  Integrity, or lack thereof

As a Hispanic kid growing up, I did not speak or write the English language well, and I was teased and put-down by others!  Solutions/requirements:  Improve communications  skills/build self-esteem over a long period of time, etc. 

-  Standing in a soup line...I've been there...I've done that!  At the time, I was humiliated and shamed, but one thing was certain...I was grateful I had a meal to eat! Living in a homeless shelter was the same thing. I was embarrassed and humiliated, and there  wasn't a day that went by that I didn't say, "How could this happen?"  Again...I was grateful I had a roof over my head.  Requirement: Try to keep up the self-esteem.

-  When my parents got divorced, my father was 70 years old, and my mother was 66 years old.  On two occasions, my mother told me, that if the divorce didn't go through, that she would poison my father!  Of the ten kids in our family, I was the only one who  showed up for the hearing, etc.  This is a perfect example of a selfish, dysfunctional    family at its worst!  Issue; Integrity or lack thereof! 

-  Overall...I have probably had over 150 visits to medical facilities on one kind or another, in search of getting my health.  After years...I finally succeeded!  (1970's/80's) Requirement: ope/determination/positive thinking.  There's no free lunch! 

In a decade or so, I have lost SIX jobs due to layoffs...all for legitimate reasons;
  companies closing; defense cuts; down-sizing; out-sourcing, etc.  Requirement; Keep
  self-esteem up. 

- In 2005, I arrived at the VA Hospital in an ambulance, and I couldn't make arrangements to get my possessions out of my apartment, and I suffered my "Katrina," and lost everything!  Requiremtent: Determination to re-build

My pride and website!  The Red, White and Blue has given my the freedom to build my website, and to express my thoughts and ideas and to show the world my work!  Requirements;  Confidence; courage and  lots of PRIDE!

Like most American's, I was ashamed and embarrassed when I had to apply for food stamps.  But in a democracy, we all pitch in to help those in need!  Requirement:  Dignity; it's okay to ask for help when you need it!

A knock on the door, and somebody hands you a summons from the courthouse. I thought a judge would never throw an unemployed person out in the streets...but I was wrong!  This is the first time I was homeless!  Requirement: courage

When I was declared dis-abled by the VA and Social Security, I had no other choice but to
file for bankruptcy.  When I learned that an individual could file him or herself without an
attorney, I filed myself and saved lots of money!  Requirement: confidence in your abilities.

Because of hard times, I was dis-connected from my website and the Internet, from May,
  2004 until November, 2007 (2 1/2 years)  Requirement: Determination to make a come-back.

Millions of people out there have family problems, which are the most difficult to deal with.  I had not seen my mother since 1993 (15 years), and she passed away in February, 2008 at the age of 85.  My mother stepped on a few toes while she was alive, and she needed to mend a few fences, etc.  But, because of her stubborness and negativity, she never did!  Two of the most important words in the world are, "I'm sorry."  And, neither of my parents knew how to say those two important words!  I never
  thought it would all end  this way!    Solution: I have no regrets or no guilt whatsoever.

All of us have to place enormous trust in our doctors and medical people to do the right thing.  All of us know that the VA Medical Centers are training hospitals.  When I was in the hospital for over three months, I was terribly sick with nausea, and I lost 16 pounds  I was not allowed to go to the G.I. Clinic to find out what was wrong.  I suspected  the medication I was being given, and that there was guinea-pigging or   expermentation going on! When I was discharged from the ward, I went across the    patio, and checked into the emergency room, to get the care I didn't get in the ward. In 2008, this case is still pending, and my 50 page booklet has gone to the higher-ups at the VA; the FBI,
and to  two members of the NM congressional delegation.  Issue: Determination to do
the right thing and confidence to fight the system, etc.  

My father emptied the checking and savings accounts and took off and left my mother for
dead!  I paid her mortgage and supported her for over a year, until we found my father and
brought to justice.  Requirement; Determination

Because of job losses and hard times, I got in credit card debt as many people do when they lose their jobs.  A Writ of Execution is when the Sheriff's Department people come over looking around at your personal possessions to satisfy a debt.  Requirement: courage

-  Suffering from a life-time of headaches, is just like having a learning disability. Headaches affect memory and retention.  Therefore, a person needs both to be a good learner, and I was never a good student because of this.  I was not dumb...but, I have always been a slow-learner.
Non-fiction Book Proposal
Those visitors  with the need to know...and wishing to see the non-fiction book proposal can email me, and I will give them a link to the page. 
Work in Progress!
Let's Do Lunch...(What's on the menu?)
You can pop all the pills you want; have the best doctors and technologies in
the world, and you're still going to need the following items on your menu:  discipline; determination; commitment; sacrifice; perseverance; and a heavy helping of will-power and courage to fight off peer-pressure/temptation, etc.
And, of course...lunch is NEVER free!  
Think Positive! 
Out With the Negative! The glass is either half full...or it's half empty.  I like to think of the glass being half full.  For it has been positive thinking and humor (in part), that has gotten me through my darkest days...and there have been many!
"Having a positive mental attitude, is asking how something can be done, instead of saying it can't be done."  Bo Bennett.
Over the years, I've received hundreds of wonderful emails concerning my website and my work.  A few of these emails will be part of my book, such as the following email from a woman I have never met.   
"Humordoctor:  I really liked the Think Positive Section, where it talked about negatives and positives.  I used to be very negative, always finding the negative side of things, always putting excuses why not to do things and so on.  I was married to my husband for almost 9 years and I changed.  He is a very positive person with a can-do attitude, and he struggled with me in the beginning, but he stuck by me and we have a great relationship now.  I wish more people were like you and my husband in this world, but unfortunately that's not the case and I've come across some pretty negative people who feel they have to put other people down to make themselves feel good.  If they are miserable, everyone has to be miserable.  I've seen some high spirited people brought down by the negativity of a pessimist.  I try not to let that happen to me.  I walk away from negative people and try to stay away from them.  I try to surround myself with people who are positive, open-minded and who are happy about accomplishments, rather than jealous...Monica"
People can choose to change their attitude into a more postitive way, such as the example shown above if they want to.  
If At First You Don't Succeed...
This book is designed to show, that anyone can fall...get back up...dust themselves off...and get back on track, etc.  .
* Thanksgiving *
It's Thanksgiving everyday, when you have hope AND your health!

You Can Do It!
Peer-pressure is not just for teen-agers;
The ugly face of peer-pressure will follow us all to the grave;
by those who want us to go in a different direction with our lives!
So, decide what you want in life...and don't let anyone keep you from reaching your goals and your dreams!
You Can Do It!

As everyone knows...peer-pressure can have its own form of lasting pain, etc.
Open Mind
Unlike my parents, who were close-minded, I think one of the best qualities a person can have, is to be open-minded about change for the better in their lives.  It was having an open mind, that got me through many years of medical problems, and on my way to a better life. 
"It Can't Happen To Me!"
Hurricane; tornado; illness; accident; house fire; homelessness; divorce; job loss; being always happens to somebody else, right?
"Hope arouses, as nothing arouses a passion for the possible."
William Sloan Coffin
Learning From Others
What is one of the best ways to learn?  From others, right?  Learn from their experiences...good and bad; their wisdom; education; mistakes; skills; talents; attitude, etc.  THINK POSITIVE!
"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goals; nothing can HELP the man with the wrong mental attitude."  Thomas Jefferson
World economy/recession on the way?
Made in China; Made in Japan; Made in Mexico; Made in India;
Made in France, etc.
It was ageism (discrimination against older workers), that played a
part in my downfall, etc. 
Pink slip
Are we becoming a negative society?
Virginia Tech; Govenor/N.Y.; Enron; Omaha; No. Illinois; World Com; DWI;
cheating in sports; high divorce rate; Columbine High School; mud-slinging/politics; etc. 
         Honesty is the Best Policy
I thought denial was a river in Egypt!  You're in the best postion, to watch your nose grow...if you're in denial about anything in your life, etc.  . 
Inspirational quotes
The visitor will see quotations on every page on my website, and a complete list is shown in the Storage Place.  These quotes are inspirational and motivational in nature, and will be a  part of my book.  

"Out of the clutter...find simplicity."  Albert Einstein 
I'm not a psychologist, medical doctor or social worker, so this book is written by an ordinary person for ordinary language that can be understood, etc
A few of my articles will be included in the book, but will be re-written,
and expanded upon.  The Positive and Healing Power of Humor
Humor therapy; (definition) the art of using humor and laughter to help heal people with physical and mental illness.  .
My Two Cents
Throughout the book, I'll offer my
two cents on a variety of subjects
This is the year 2008, and I think everyone should have a website
to compliment their project(s), etc.  I want my book and my website
to go hand in hand.  And in my book, I will be referencing certain
material on my website, which is too lengthy for the book, etc. 
Free Content
Questions:  If I can't give away my articles...what makes me think  anybody will pay
me for them?  If I can't give away my articles (which involves style; story-telling ability; writing interestingly, etc.), what makes me think anybody is going to pay me for my book? 
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Nobody has cornered the market on pain and suffering! There is no discrimination when it comes to pain and suffering.  Everybody is treated the HELL!
No matter what or how severe...PAIN IS PAIN!
Everyone has a painful story to tell in their lives...and I have one to tell, too!  Pain comes in a variety of flavors: job loss; betrayal; loneliness; ageism; no family support; humiliation (homelessness); divorce; debt; hunger; lost're not alone!
Because of a childhood injury to the neck and upper spine, that
was never fixed...the ensuing years, brought a 20 year battle, with
the crippling and unforgiving migraine headaches!
Result:  Nearly homeless several times; worked as a temporary employee for an entire decade; without a vehicle for seven years;  over 150 visits to medical facilities; hospitalized several times; bleeding ulcers; weight loss-(down to 118 pounds);contracted TB; depression; little or no self esteem/confidence; slow-learner; memory loss; lost V.A educational benefits (G.I. Bill) , no family support; didn't get a credit card until I was 38 years old, etc...etc...etc....
It is also a story about  pulling myself up from the bottom... and, then winning the battle against the devistating migraine, which took many years. While my peers were out getting their degrees and buying houses, I was crawling along the bottom for many years, trying to find the answers!

I also write this story, to share and try to help others, who may be afflicted with their own pain...whether it be physical; emotional; or psychological.  There's always hope...just stay in there and fight, and you can win too!

I believe I got through all this because of my faith; positive thinking; discipline; determination; the positive and healing power of humor, and a  winning attitude!  I'm a very competitive person, and I like to win at everything I; pool; checkers; sports, etc., and I like to win in the game of life too!
emotional distress!
There are over 40 million headache sufferers in the United States and there is still no cure.  The book is, not necessarily, about headaches... but, it's a book about my life experiences,
in which headaches had a devestating effect on my life!  This is a story about finding myself at the bottom...and a pretty bleak existence for many years! 
The slow journey to the bottom...
There are over 40 million headache sufferers in the United States and there is still no cure.  The book is, not necessarily, about headaches... but, it's a book about my life experiences,
in which headaches had a devestating effect on my life!  This is a story about finding myself at the bottom...and a pretty bleak existence for many years! 
Migraine: (definition) a severe, recurring headache, ususlly affecting one side of the head, that is characterized by sharp, throbbing pain, and is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitive to light, and visual disturbances.  The exact cause of the migraine is unknown. 
Migraine pain: Headaches come in all varieties, as I have suffered most of them, such as the nervous headache, the cluster, etc.  But, for those who are not familiar with the pain of the migraine, I'll try to describe one!    And, over the years, like most people, I've suffered the pain of the toothache, ear ache, bleeding ulcers, and I've passed a kidney stone, that brought me down...all terrible pain for sure!  

But, the reason why the pain of the migraine is so devistating, is because it is tied to the heart-beat of the individual!  The faster the heart-beat...the more pain...the slower the heart-beat...the less pain! 

So, when a migraine strikes, there are few people who can stay on their feet with a migraine attack...and that's what it ATTACK!  The only way to fight off a migraine attack, is to lie perfectly still in keep the rate of heart-beat down!   The migraine sufferer dreads even the simplist having to
get up and go to the bathroom, or answering the front door or the telephone!  The heart begins to beat faster in doing these simple chores...and that's
where the pain throbs on one side of the head!  There were many times, when the migraine would pound and throb all night, and the eye on my left side
would water until there was no more water and dried up!  The eye
would shut by itself and stay shut for hours at a time!    It would take
about 2-3 days to get over a migraine attack!   The migraine attack is pure HELL! 
From:  The National Headache Foundation; (2008)
This year marks the 38th anniversary of the National Headache Foundation.  Since that time many things have changed...advances in technology and medical innovation have made identifying and treating headache pain much easier.  But, it seems the more we know, the more we realize we have only begun to scratch the surface of this complex and often times mis-understood biological disease.

Headache is a common and frequently recurrent disorder that can seriously disrupt a person's life.  Headache pain can be generalized (all over) or localized (in one area) and may range from mild to severe.  Some headaches have a known cause, while others like migraine do not. 
The unthinkable events of Virginia Tech, has shown us all, that we'd better pay more attention
to mental illness!  American's must work together to eliminate the stigma  associated with mental illness.  None of us are getting any younger, and we're all going to have to deal with mental
illness sooner or later!  The discrimination and name-calling has to come to a stop!   

  In 2005, I spent over three months in a lock-down psychiatric ward at the VA Medical Center.  I've been there...I've done that!  Does it look to you like a nut-cake or a crack-pot put  these web pages together?  When it comes to good physical health AND good mental health...get the care you need!  There's nothing to be ashamed of...and THINK POSITIVE!
It took 5-7 years of chiropractic treatment, and over 125 visits...but FINALLY...I got my health back and the difference  was astonishing!  At my lowest point, I was a sickly, anemic-looking 118 pounds, with blood-shot eyes, and at the end of the 7 year period, I weighed in at 185 pounds!    I had color in my face, and no more blood-shot eyes, and there were people who didn't even recognize me!
Why aren't I Brain-Dead?

This is an email I received several months ago.

        "Hi Jer...I visited your website, and was amazed at the wealth of
         creativity unleashed that I saw!  Your efforts, both graphics and
         written are commendable.  Keep up the good work...Navin"

After suffering so much pain for so many years, the obvious question is, why aren't I brain-dead?  What will always be amazing to me, is how I could even think of ideas and cretivity during this time...a psychologist would have a field day with me.  As I got better, I took up wood carving, and I carved over 200 original cartoon-like characters during the 25 years that I did it.  I sold my work at over 40 arts and crafts shows all over the state of New Mexico and at shops and galleries. 

When it came to building my again...the site is composed of over 150 colorful pages, and ideas and creativity are required to put it together.  Shouldn't I be locked up in a psychiatric ward someplace? How can I have an imagination?  How can I get ideas?  The same holds true with article-writing.   Writing requires do I even have a brain left to write? 
A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks!
"If you accept what has happened, and search for the positive, you will be able
to move forward in life."  Catherine Pulsifer (Canada)
Shop 'till
You Drop
Copyright; Jerry Aragon; 2007
All Rights Reserved
This is a family website
Work in Progress!
Under construction!
Is life passing you by? 
Get inspired...get motivated...get going!
What are you waiting for?
Ladies and Gentlemen...start your engines...
this is where the rubber hits the road...The Bumpy Road of Life!
All of us are in the construction business...constructing our lives...and building our resumes and our futures!  Building materials include:  education; self-confidence;
courage; discipline; commitment; sacrifice; determination and a
wheelbarrow full of blood, sweat and tears! 
Orange Barrel Institute (Think tank)
The Institute (located in Orange, New Jersey), which does research on the motoring public, recently reported that stress; anxiety; and road rage are on the increase and you might be suffering from one of these little-known conditions:
PMS - Post Motoring Syndrome;  PTSD - Post Traumatic Street Disorder; SAD - Seasonal Asphalt Disorder; RSD - Reflex Street Dystrophy (common in older drivers)  .
The bumpy road of life takes
us to the...
of Hard Knocks...
Where nothing comes easy tor YOU or for ME either!

Whether we like it or not...we're all enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks because of trying to make ends meet; illness; accidents; worry; problem-solving in the home and work place; rejections; failures, etc.
Back to
the drawing
Pay at
this window!.
Orange Barrel:  "Are you having another
bad hair day?  Not to could be could be out here in the streets
with US!" 
Orange Barrel Humor
The idea came about at the International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta, and you can learn more here
Owl: "It might be WISE to take the
high road in life...instead
of the low road!"
"There is no failure except in no longer trying."  Elbert Hubbard.
Orange Barrel Humor
(Building our futures!)

I've been doing Orange Barrel Humor since 1996, and it's my way of marketing all of my work, etc., by mailing out my little bright orange "attention-getters."  (bright orange paper/envelopes)  I'm not a marketing major, but you would like for the person you mail keep the information you mail, etc.  Case in point.

I mail these bright orange packages out to everyone...newspapers; television stations; businesses; individuals; organizations; the Mayor; the Congressional delegation, etc.  One day, I got a call from a fellow who worked for a local television station, and he wanted to do a story on my work.  I couldn't remember mailing him anything, so I asked him where he heard about me.  And, he told me that I had mailed one of his co-workers on the morning news, a package of my information.  She recently tranferred to a Houston  tv station, so she gave him the information I had mailed her.

I think this is the way marketing is supposed to work...try to get people to keep what you mail them, or give the material to someone else who will use it, etc. 
Always moving forward...
there's no turning back... 
Under construction!
Under construction!
The road to nowhere...
Categorizing my articles:  With over 100 articles now, in my portfolio, I decided to categorize them by topics, to help the reader find what may interest them.  Go to Authors Den to see the list.  (21 categories)
Article entitled: Categorizing My Articles by Topic!.
  Along the Bumpy Road of Life!

To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!
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