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Front Page, (Main Street)

* Articles Published               * Orange Barrel Humor

* Background Page;  I was born and still live in Albuquerque, New Mexico

U.S.A.F. Page:  I was proud to serve four years in the United States
   Air Force.

* International Balloon Fiesta:  The most photographed event in the world,
   this huge event brings over a million visitors for the ten day run. I live
   about four miles from the Balloon Fiesta Park.

* Visitor's Information Center:  Here, you can find out what's going on
  and what's new at my website.  This is updated as necessary.

Think Positive:  I've always been a positive thinker, and I certainly
   hope my website conveys that message. Thinking positive has gotten
   me through some tough times!

Giving:  Remembering 9/11.  I wrote this piece the day after 9/11, and it
   is special to me, and will always be on my site. 

* My Favorite Page;  This is my little Church on the Web.  I built this Page
   on Good Friday, 2002.

Cloud 9 and Important Links Page;  This is my online resume page.

*  PROMISE:  There will be no dirty humor on this website.  This website
   is for kids; women; seniors and families.  I am not interested in the
   Negative Side of Humor

The Funny Farm;
Book:  Coming Up From The Bottom:  A twenty year battle with the
   crippling and unforgiving migraine headaches.  After I won the batle , I
   wrote the poem; Thanksgiving.

Screenplay: (Comedy) The Not So Excellent Adventure;  Adorable aliens
  from the planed Krouton visit the Earth to investigate.

* Taking chances/risks with my ideas:  This website is about humor and
  ideas, and I have to take chances with both, and I have the "egg on my
  face," to show that not all things go well all the time.

VIP Appreciation Gallery:  My favorite Section;  These are hundreds
   of comments on my site and my work, from wonderful people all over
   the world.

Good Housekeeping Site of the Day;  (October 1, 2003) On this day, my  
   site was only a little over a year old, and got over 3,000 hits for the day,
   and for the first time, I saw and felt the power of the Internet!

*  Jerry Aragon's Wood N' Things;
  it's going to take some time to put up over 200 photos and clip-art
  compositions.  . Artistic resume;
  12 piece Manger Set (snowy scene)  Polar Bears.  Animal Figures

Stay in School Page; (Graphics)  One of the purposes of my website is
  to encourage young people to stay in school and off drugs.

Protect the Environment:  All of us should be environmentalsts

Exchanging Links Page;   My policy on exchanging links

Humor 101 for Dumbos:
  * The Positive Power of Humor      * Just Say No To Dirty Humor
   * How I Got Started In Humor          *  How Humor Helps Me To Cope
   * So, You Want To Be Funny, eh?              .
On The Silly Side of Things...
* The Two-Headed Monster:  We took the kids to a Halloween party at
  the local elementary school, and this was one of the funniest nights
  my life!
* Sweet Dreams:  If you ever have to stay in a hospital, and you think
  you're going to get some rest...think again!
* Signing A Bill:  Ever wonder why the Presient of the United States
  uses so many pens when he signs a Bill?
* Painting The Town Red:  For the first time, I actually saw a
  maintenance man painting the town red.
* Don't Golf My Way:  Golf is a stupid game!  I can't believe so many
  educated and professional people play this stupid game!
* What's The Score?:  Don't ask my wife, because she knows nothing
  about football.
* Human Services:  When my wife told me this story about her
  secretary, I almost fell over backwards.
* Stuck On You;  If I want the picture bad enough, I'll do what I have
  to do to get it.
* Stranded: This is a story told to me by a friend, which was quite
* The Man In The Wheelchair: I've always loved to make people
  laugh, but on this day it was special
* Jerry, are you crazy?  There are those, who think I belong behind
  a tall chain-link fence, with lots of razor wire on top!
* Easy On The Mayo:  I was fixing a sandwich, and between the fridge
  and the pantry, I found nine jars of mayonaise!
* Decisions; Decisions:  It's the little decisions in life that burn me up!
* What's In A Name:  A couple at work was having trouble naming
  their baby, so the employees gave them a little help.
* Good Samaitans:  Who can you trust these days, right?
* Pancakes:  Is there a federal law that says pancakes have to be
* The Funny Farm Gift Shop:  This is another of my silly page
  compositions.  Stop by and get me a straight jacket, won't you?
* Another bad hair day:  Every day is a bad hair day for me.
* Does life begin at 40?  I don't remember 40...  I just don't remember...
* I always get my man; This is a cute little drawing I put a caption on.
* Bowling: On my first try, I bowled a perfect game.
* On The Slopes: I don't ski...
* Say What?  How many ways can a spatula be used?
* Practice Make Perfect; preparing for a job layoff
* Orange Barrel Humor: Albuquerque, New Mexico used to be known
  as the orange barrel capital of the world.
* The Laugh Track: (Article)
* Work place Laughter (case study)

How I Saved My Dog Daniel;  A terrifying day, but it all turned out great.
* You Can't Please Everyone...So Don't Try;  If you try to please everyone,
  I'll be seeing you at the Funny Farm!
* Smoking Sucks: I quit smoking in 1970, and I'll tell you how I did it.
* Building My Website...One Brick At A Time; A behind-the-scenes look
  at what, why, when, how...
* Weight loss:  In 2001, I lost 40 pounds, and I'll tell you how I did it.
* Taking a Bath; I was participating in an outdoor arts and crafts show
  when the sprinklers came on!

* Thanksgiving; (poem) This is the only poem I've ever written, and it's
  been, thankfully, published in many places.
* Do It With Style; Little used word, but so important.
* Making People Happy; It's not about saw dust; clay; glass; ceramic; paint
  or commas and periods on a's about making people happy!
* Building and Keeping My Confidence: One of the top priorities in my life
  is keep my confidence high.
* Taking Chances With My Ideas;  If you do, you'll need a little courage

Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
This is a family website!
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* Remembering Manuel: (Alzheimer's/dementia)
* Some Fats Fend Off Alzheimer's
* Alzheimer's Study Making Progress
* Falling On Hard Times
* Pacemakers: What Becomes of Those Used Pacemakers?
* Graceful Exit: Many people are opting out of treatment in their later years
* Cocoa Linked To Brain Function
* Humor and Aging: Humor Can Help Us All to Cope

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