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Jerry Aragon's Wood N' Things
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Bare Walls and Empty Spaces

What is one of the first things a person usually does when moving into a house,
apartment, or an office?  Decorating the place, is usually someplace at the top of
the things to do list.

Family photographs; wonderful drawings a child produces with crayons; a piece of pottery on the bookcase; a special painting on the wall; a piece of furniture you made yourself, or surrounding yourself with your favorite books and magazines., craft. and writing pieces can certainly enrich all of our lives!

Wood Carver (Self-taught)

Creator of over 250 original hand-carved individual figures and scenes in sugar pine, basswood and redwood.  Some of the figures are brightly painted...others are left in their natural state, to show the beauty of the wood, and almost all the pieces are captioned.     

Cartoon-like characters in wood:  Dozens of characters in many different occupations; sports, and animal characters as well.  

  * Human characters:  Include:  Parents Running Away From Home; Boogie Dancers; Starving Artist; Domestic Engineer; Compulsive Shopper;  The Other Woman (witch); Procrastinator...and much more! 

Animal characters:  Include:  racoon; friendly octopus; dogs; cats;
    lion; elephant; panda; black bear (cubs) giraffe; and many more.

  * Religious pieces:  Praying Hands; Crucifix..and my pride and
    joy...14 piece Manger Set, which was show and sold at the following:
              * The Turquoise Shop; Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico
              * The New Mexico Sculptor's Guild (show) The college of Santa
                  Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico
              * New Mexico State Fair (Villa Hispana)  Show -two weeks

Arts and Crafts Shows:  For my first show, I was invited by the Santa Fe Girls Club, Inc., to participate in an outdoor show on the Plaza in Santa Fe.  People from all over the world, visit Santa Fe each year.

* I participated in over 40 shows throughout the State, and I have been invited to participate in others around the country as well.

*  INVITED to participate in the Southwest Arts and Crafts Fair, which is one of New Mexico's biggests shows.  People from all over the country participate in this show. 
This is an invitational AND a juried show.

*  INVITED to participate in th Rio Grande Arts and Crafts show.  This ten year show is unique, because it is held right next door to the International Balloon Fiesta grounds...quite a colorful site!

* While participating in a show at the Villa Linda Mall, in Santa Fe, I was invited to participate in a show in Chicago.  I did so (by mail), and it turned out all right.

*  The most unusual show I participated in, was a show for charity, by the
Animal Humane Association.  This was unusual, because the art and craft
works on display, could only be that of; cat paintings, etc.  It was
a fun show to do.

Fiesta of Arts and Crafts:  (Founder/director) Bringing Together New Mexico's Finest Talent.  Quality exhibitor's from all over the State participated.  After the sixth show, it was abandonded because the costs were too high, to put on a quality show.

Galleries/Gift Shops:  (Sales)
              *  The Wood and Iron Shop  - Old Town; Albuquerque, New Mexico
              *   Craftman's Gallery; Albuquerque, N.M.
              *   Las Cosas de Santa Fe

One Man ShowA Look At Life's Wacky Ups and Downs
University of New Mexico Ballroom

Cyberspace:  Artist Den Gallery  (show)

National Carvers Museum: Colorado Springs, CO  (Show)

Member:  National Carvers Association; 55,000 members  world-wide

                           Retail Shop:  For two years, I had a little shop located on
                           Central Avenue, by the University of New Mexico.
                           It was a part-time venture, and people would see the pieces
                           I had on display in the window, and they would call me at
                           night or on the week-ends.  It worked out pretty well.

As if I didn't have my hands teaching myself to carve wood, I had to stick my nose into the difficult world of writing. (I must be crazy)  After being invited to join the Southwest Writers Workshop, by the then President of the organization, I was flattered.

With over 600 members nationwide, S.W.W. has some of most talented and accomplished writers in the country.  A few months after the invitation, I decided to take some writing courses, to try to improve my writing skills, and with the coming of the Web and the Internet, it's one of the best things I've ever done.  The writing courses/classes included:

              * Writing courses:  Writer's Digest Course;  The National Writers Club Course;
                The Writers Institute Course.
              * Writing classes: (University of New Mexico) Creative Writing; Write To Sell;
                Writing:  Fact or Fiction
                 Where my articles have been published:

My interest in writing, led to screenwriting, which you can see in the screenwriting section.  I hope you'll take the time to visit. 

Human Services  (Anecdote)  Published in the Rio Rancho Observer 

Thanksgiving  Poem (Published) 

              *  The Rio Rancho Observer
              *   New England Woodcarvers newsletter; wood
                  carvers/poets contest; honerable mention
              Anthologies include: Mile High Poetry Society;  "Olympia"; Western Poetry
              Association  "An American Heritage"
* My Work Has Been Featured: Newspapers;magazines;television)  P.M. Magazine;
The Albuquerque Journal (1992/1996);  Albuquerque Tribune; Rio Rancho Oserver(1994/1997; New Mexico Independent; University of New Mexico Lobo; Rio Rancho Roadrunner; Rocky Mountain Miniature - Denver, Co; Popular Woodworker -Santa Rosa, CA; Vista Magazine-Coral Gables, FL; KRQE-TV  Emmy Award winning "Postcard"

* INVITED to organize and teach a class on wood carving at the University
  of New Mexico.   (Division of Continuing Education)
For those of you around the world, who may not know where the state of New Mexico is located, I'll try to put it on the map for you.  The state is located in the southwestern part of the United States; with our good neighbor to the east...Texas; our good neighbor to the north...Colorado; our good neighbor to the west...Arizona; and our good neighbor to the south...the country of Mexico! 
Here in New Mexico, our state colors are gold and red (should have been red and green)...and you'll get the gold and red carpet treatment if you visit New Mexico...that's for sure!  I was born and still reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is New Mexico's largest city, with a Metro population of about 500,000.  Albuquerque is home to the International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta, which attracts balloonists and visitors from all over the world. 
New Mexico's largest business is the tourist industry, and people from all over the world visit the state.  New Mexico is blessed with thousands of talented artists, craftspeople and writers.  As a woodcarver, I have participated in over 40 arts and crafts shows all over the state, and I have sold my work in shops and galleries as well. 
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