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BOMBS: About six of my articles are currently in a coma, and in need of emergency
attention!  I've tried to make them better, but I haven't succeeded.  All I can do! Young people and beginning writers out there should know, that you're not going to win them all, etc. 
SOS!  My Serious and Silly Articles!
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Articles with the silliest titles;
Have You Ever Kissed an Ashtray? (pucker-up); My Dog Ate My Homework;  Dealing With Pig-Headed People (oink-oink); The English
Language is All "Greek" To Me;  Do I Look Like a Rocket Scientist To You?; Good
Writing Requirs Good Speling and Good Grammer; Here's the Skinny On How I Lost 40 Pounds.  The SpaMobile Has Arrived! (beep-beep)   From Sea to GREEDY Sea!
"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."  Confucious
UPDATE: January, 2013
Six year celebration in writing!
August 2006 to August 2012
This is a behind-the-scenes look, as to how my articles have performed for my first three years in writing.  The numbers are kept by Authors Den, which is where I have all my articles posted.  This piece gives the reader an idea what type of subjects I write about and what has worked for me and what hasn't, etc. 
The list is comprised of serious and humor/humor-ralated articles, etc.  The good...the bad...and the ugly!

As a novice in writing, I think the title of the article is the most important component of the article, in my view.  It serves at the "hook" of the article, and can make or break the article.  I'm always on the look-out for titles for my articles, and I'll change the title when I have to.  The title has to invite the reader; make the reader curious if possible; it has to be short; and clever and/or humorous, if need be.  Therefore, the reader will see all of my article titles down this page, and how the articles finished over the past two years.  .
In August 2006, I began posting my articles at (article directory), and over the past two years, they have kept the numbers for me. It wasn't until several months later, that I posted my articles at Author's Den.

I don't consider myself an expert at anything, so the reader will see the broad range of topics I have chosen to write about.  This is an excellent opportunity for the reader to see what has worked for me, and what has not.  Young people out there should know early on, that you're not going to win them don't try!  Just do the best in your chosen field, and you should be fine.

In (parenthesis) the reader will notice what kind of article...whether it's
humorous or of the serious type, etc. 
Articles published page.
Articles published page.
Articles published page.
Categorizing my articles:  With over 150 articles now, in my portfolio, I decided to categorize them by topics, to help the reader find what may interest them.  Go to Authors Den to see the list.  (21 categories)
To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!
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1) Making a Difference In People's Lives by Writing; If there was ever a writing piece that I wanted to do's this one.  After all, I think most writers write to make a difference in someone's life.  This piece started out at about the #126 in last place, and worked its way to the top of the pile in about 17 months.  (written in December, 2008)

2) Young People Should Not Start Smoking; I'm not surprised that this piece has done so well.  It has been laying rubber and smoking its way to the top of the leader board since I wrote it in December, 2008.  It was #1 for about a week, but didn't have staying power. 

3) Hot-Dogs; Apple Pie; Music and HumorI wrote this piece in March, 2009, and this is the only piece that has been in the top ten in the Music Category and #1 several times.  This piece has taken me the longest to write, because I have added over 100 songs since I wrote it. 
4) Here's The Skinny On How I Lost 40 Pounds; I am so proud of this piece, because it has been my #1 article for over 3 1/2 years at three different site, which is amazing to me!  It just recently lost the lead in 2010.   At the directory, this piece is in first place...over 7,000 hits in front of the second place article...amazing!  I wish all my articles performed this well. 

5) Discrimination Against Older Workers (ageism); If there's a steady piece, with staying's this one.  This piece has been in the top ten for nearly four years, at both my writing site and my article directory.  Amazing! 

6) Sleep Deprivation and Diabetes (Type 2);  I am so happy to see this piece get so high on the list.  In 2008, I was diagnosed with diabetes (Type 2), so I wrote about it.  I pointed the finger to sleep deprivation, in which I have having trouble with at the time.  In 2010, my numbers (glucose/A1C) have come down and I hope to be under the safe line in July, 2010.
7) Halloween Party; The Two-Headed Monster; Over 100 of my articles have been published on websites on the Internet, and this piece leads the way, having been published on 36 websites.  We took the boys to a Halloween party in 1990, and we had a lot of fun.

8) Constipation: Saying Hello To a Costly Enema: Never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that I would write an article on constipation, but here it is, and it has done better than I thought.  I was in the emergency room with constipation for ten hours, and I pointed the finger at the medication I was given for diabetes.  I lost 12 pounds that terrible night, but I recovered and I wrote this piece in June, 2009.

9) Get Inspired; Get Motivated; Get Going...To think that I actually thought of re-writing this piece...because it was lounging at the bottom of the list and going nowhere!  I left it alone, and look what happened! got into the top ten...and I guess the operative word here is ...patience. 

10) Secondhand smoke and Pets Make For a Toxic Mix; I quit smoking in 1970, over 40 years ago...and if I can quit...anybody can quit, I I get upset when I see someone smoking in front of their pets, who can get sick and cancer as well. 
This is a list of ALL my articles...the way they are listed by hits/views on my writing site.  (Authors Den)   The reader will notice the little comments I have made by of few of the articles.  I started writing seriously in August, 2006, and in August, 2010...will be four years. 
As of May, 2010 -158 articles
My top ten articles are as follows:  They are listed by hits/views compiled by my writing site at Authors Den
More than 100 of my 158 articles have been published on more than 500 websites on the Internet, and that list can be seen on these two pages
Writing Section
All my articles are listed in this section in alphabetical order
BTW...the state colors of the state of New Mexico (where I live)
are red and gold...
11) What Are We Doing To Each Other As a People?; We live in a sick society, don't we?  Virginia Tech; 9/11; Fort Hood; I'm almost ashamed to be called a human being!

12) Teen Court Is a Great Idea;

13) The English Language Is All 'Greek' To Me; I guess one of my writing instructors didn't like this piece, because I turned in a similar piece for my final paper...and he rejected it.  I decided to write it again, and let the public decide...and as the reader can's done well for itself and is in the top 15 at the directory, too!  (So much for the opinion of a few/I must have struck a nerve with a communications professor with a Ph.D)

14) Dealing With Controlling Pig-Headed People (oink-oink)
15) Immaturity: Why Can't the Government Grow Up?
16) My Dog Ate My Homework (excuse-makers)
17) Using Inspirational Quotes to Enhance My Documents;
18) Welcome To the Funny Farm (mental health)
19) Smoking Sucks!  How I Quit Smoking;
20) The Heros of 9/11 Will Never Be Forgotten
Writing courses
In my 40's, I went back to the books and completed four writing courses to try to improve on my writing skills, which took about 18 months, at a cost of about $200.00 at the time.  It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself.  You know the old saying..."there's no free lunch!"
21) What's In a Name?; This could be my fastest moving article up the list to date thus far.  I wrote this piece shortly after Thanksgiving of 2009, and it is really moving.  It could be a contender for the lead at the end of 2010! 

22) How I Saved My Dog Daniel;
23) The SpaMobile Has Arrived (beep-beep);
24) Water Conservation Is Everybody's Business;

25) Felix Navidar (Merry Christmas); This is another surprising piece for me.  With over 20,000 writers at Authors Den, this piece spent the entire month of the Christmas holiday season (2008) in the top 50 articles...amazing! 

26) Humor Has Been My Life's Calling;
27) If You Need Help...Don't Be Ashamed to Ask For It;
28) It's Easy to Recycle (come on, pitch in);
29) The Number ONE Litter Problem In the World!
30) The Positive and Healing Power of Humor;
Article Directory;
I think another of the best things I've done with my writing, is to start out by posting my articles on an article directory, of which there are hundreds or thousands.  I can only speak for one, and that's  I think it's an excellent way for a young person or an aspiring writer to start.  Everything that is submitted has to go through a 'live' editor and accepted before it is posted.  There are lots of rules that have to be followed, but in the long run, this is good for the writer...and soon the rules become the norm...and it pays off for the writer. Go to; to learn more...
31) We're All Going to Die Sooner or Later; This is the only article that I pulled and sent to the cemetary because it was doing so poorly.  A year later, I changed the title and re-arranged it...and as the reader can has done much better. 

32) Bad Things Happen to Good People;
33) Future Articles On My Drawing Board;
34) I Refused To Raise Two Mama's Boys;
35) Music; The Beginning of Rock and Roll For Me (1955)
36) Paying Markets vs. Free Content Markets in Writing
37) Buyer Beware: (weight loss/diet products)
38) Forty-Eight Years of Driving Without an Accident
39) Gift of Life: Become an Organ Donor
40) The Negative Side of Humor
Article With an Attitude
I think The Negative Side of Humor could be the most important article I've written to date, because I wrote it back at the end of 2006...with a 'tell it like it nonsense' attitude.  It was an approach I had never tried before, and I thought about toning it down...but I left it alone and it has been in the top ten at the directory for more than two years.  With this approach or allowed me to write other articles in this hard-nose fashion, etc. 

41) The Silent Killer (high blood pressure
42) Think Positive; Out With the Negative
43) Why I'm Reluctant To Call Myself a Humor Writer
44) Are You Ready For Some Football?
45) Creativity; Don't Let Those Ideas Get Away
36) Auto Racing; Ladies...Start Your Engines...
37) Celebrating Three Years in Writing;
38) Culture Shock; Growing Old
39) Dealing With the Bigots and Racists Of the World!
40) Do You Have a Fear of Failure?
41) Don't Golf My Way
42) Easy On the Mayo
43) Everyone Has a Story To Tell
44) FREE Stuff; Great for Websites; Newsletters; and Ezines
45) From Sea to Greedy Sea
46) Have You Ever Kissed an Ashtray?  (pucker up)
47) I Write to Please Me, Myself and I
48) Is Life Passing You By?
49) Isn't a Hero Just Another Sandwich?
50) Just Say NO To Dirty Humor'
VIP Appreciation Gallery
VIP Appreciation Gallery
51) Keeping Up With the Joneses...Forget It!
52) Knowledge is Power; Play Hooky and You'll Miss Out
53) Life's Embarrassing Moments
54) My Personalized License Plate Reads: SLOWPOK
55) Passing a Kidney Stone 101 For Dummies
56) Peer-Pressure...It's Everywhere
57) Add Color and Creativity to Your Documents
58) Alcoholims and 'Tough love'
59) Better Safe that Sorry (emergency room/admissions)
60) Catch the Humor But...and Spread It Around
Many of the articles on the bottom side of the list are new or fairly new, so time must be given to them, to see what (if anything) they will do. The rest of the list consists of the following;
61) Concern About Those Awful Brain Diseases; 62) Defending Yourself With Good Writing; 63) Chiropractic and Diabetes (Type 2); 64) Do It With Style...Be Yourself; 65) Does Life Begin at 40?; 66) Everyone is Creative...and so Are YOU!; 67) Freedom is NOT Free; 68) Good Writing Requirs Good Speling and Grammer; 69) How I Got Started in Humor; 70) Humor 101 For Dumbos; 71) Humor Helps Us All To Cope With the Aging Process; 72) Life Is as Complicated As You Make It; 73) My Love For Creative Writing; 74) President Obummer Should Put His Money Where His Mouth Is and Quit Smoking; 75) Researchers Don't See the Link Between Running and Osteoarthrits; 76) SOS! My Serious and Silly Articles; 77) The Ten Commandants of Good Health; 78) Ten Million Americans Have Diabetes and Don't Know It; 79) The Fox Guarding the Chicken Coop(healthcare); 80) The Health Benefits of Olive Oil; 81) The Many Benefits of Exericse;82) The Seriousness of Depression;
All my articles can be seen on this page and in alphabetical order including links as to where they are located;
Writing Section
Diabetes On the Rise; Discrimination Against Writers Over 40; E-Cigarettes: Just Another Toy for Excuse-Makers; Getting and Keeping My Confidence; Isn't a Hero Just Another Sandwich?; Never Judge a Book By Its Cover; POISON ALERT: Secondhand Smoke; Some People Are 1st-Class Weenies; SOS!  My Serious and Silly Articles (page one); Taking Chances With My Ideas; The Assasination of a President (1963); The Benefits of Chiropractic; Why Is Stress So Insidious?  Writing Articles; Laying the Groundwork For Writing My Book; Writing Can Be Therapeutic For Me; You Can't Please Everyone...So Don't Try; You Made Your Bed...So You Can Sleep In It; Dentures; Take Care of Your Teeth or Else!; Good or Bad: People Can Make Their Own Luck; How Many Ways Can You Spell Success?; Life On the Sunny Side of the Street (positive attitude); Taking Care of Business (ideas); The Bad Smell of City Government; The Many Pleasant Suprises in Writing; Cigarette Bootleggers Are a Burden For Business and Taxpayers; How Do You Spell Relief? P-R-E-V-E-N-T-I-O-N!; Knock; knock; Who's There?  Losing Weight Is Only the Beginning; One of American's Greatest Fears Is a House Fire; Open Mind vs. Closed Mind For Your Health; The Stench Of the U. S. Congress; Writing Article Making a Difference Hits Number ONE! 
August, 2010
This page will be updated quarterly or as needed