To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!.
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.Think Positive!
The glass is either half full...or it's half empty.
I like to think of it as being half full...
On The Serious Side of Things...
You know the type...

*  People of "put down," who get a laugh at somebody else's expense
   and they make no apology for it.
*  All the so-called "experts" and "critics" who know how to run your life
   better than you do.
*  Whiners and cry babies who blame everybody for their mistakes
   and shortcomings but themselves. .
*  People who look for the negative in others...petty things...just to
   find fault with people...

There's not enough paper or disk space to list all the negatives in :
the world; jealousy; resentment; ego; attitude; selfish; arrogance; naysayers; ill-mannered; gossip; politics; the lazy, and the list goes on
and on and on.

If negative people would put all that energy into something positive,
it would be of benefit to themselves, their families, and to society

So, how do I deal with the problem?  I have zero tolerance for negative people, and I show these people the door very quickly!  I'm not going
to let negative people ruin my life.  How can a person think
positive, or have a positive attitude in a negative environment?

The Positive
Over the years, I've met many wonderful, positive people, who are
a joy to be around!

What I like in people:

* I like to be around people who give more than they take.

* I like to be around people who are winners in any field of endeavor.

* I like to be around people who are "doers" with a "can do" attitude.

* I like to be around smart and creative people, who I can
  learn from.

* I like to be around people who can give encouragement;
  praise. and  support to others, without asking for anything
  in return.

*  I like to be around people who are honest, trustworthy, with
  integrity and values.

*  I like to be around people with a work ethic...are hard workers,
   who like to do the job right.

*  I like to be around people who care about others; care about
  the environment; care about pets and wildlife; and children, etc.

*  I like to be around people who overcome challenges and
  disabilitles to accomplish their goals.

*  I like to be around people who are winners and never quitters.

* Character counts, and I like to be around people who must
  "do the right thing" despite the consequences they may
  have to suffer.

*  I like to be around people who are good at what they do...and
  they inspire me to be better at what I do.

*  I like to be around people who start a job or project..
  and finish it.

* I like to be around people who take resposibility for their mistakes
  and   shortcomings, and blame nobody else but themselves..

*  I like to be around people with a sense of humor.

It's the people, Stupid!  (Difficult people)  I don't like negative people around me!
Professionals tell us, that there cannot be two emotions occupying the same space at the same time.  So, we all have a choice to make.  It's either negative...or it's positive.  I choose to make it positive!

I always try to look at the positive side of things.  I think many of you can relate to the following two examples;:

One day, I was driving along slowly, in the parking lot, in front of the grocery store, when I heard a slapping sound coming from the left side of the the car.  I stopped immediately to check things out, and to my amazment the left front tire had completely dissovled!  This was not a puncture or a blow-out.  The tire opened up about a foot wide and exposed the wire mesh inside!  This was scary!

Because the tire was so bad, the first thing that crossed my mind, was the fact that I would have to replace all the tires. The tires were about five years old, which would involve more expense, when I could least afford it.

On the positive side of things; 1) I was safe  2) I did not have an
accident 3) the tire was so bad, that if I had even been out in the streets doing 35 miles an hour, I was sure to have an accident or worse 4) if I had been out on the freeway, I may not even be here to write about it
5) when I bought the new tires, the salesman told me it was one of the worst tires he had ever seen, and I was very happy that nothing serious happened.: 
The Negative!
*          *          *         *

And no, I'm not a "goodie-two-shoes," and I'm not a preacher or a crusader for anything.  I have just as many faults as anyone else...but I try to improve with each coming day...Jer
Out with the Negative and in with the...
Many years ago, the senior President Bush said;  "What we need is a kinder, gentler nation."  I believe what he was talking about was what we are doing to each other as a people.  Hate; put-down; jealousy;
resentment; attitude; gossip; inconsiderate; selfish; road rage, etc.

In their book, "Dealing With People You Can't Stand," Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner reveal their top ten list of people of bad behavior, and recommend ways to deal with them.  Makes for a good read.
*          *          *          *

Because of three job layoffs for me, over an eight year period, I've had the opportunity to work at many different places as a temporary employee.  And, I remember at one assignment where the supervisor was about as negative as the come, and I didn't like this guy at all.  Controlling; petty; "my way or the highway" attitude; was not respectful to his employees, and treated them like a flock of "sheep."

From what I knew after several weeks on the job, all the employees in the department (about 8), had good attendance; were dependable; worked long hours and on Saturdays;  did quality work, and I can't remember anything coming back because of poor quality; and everybody met deadlines. So, there are a lot of positive things here.

But, one day, when he had a meeting with his employees, all these good things done by the employees were not talked about  And, I got the impression that, no matter what they was never good
!  He seemd to focus on the "petty" things like...on how much people were "talking" and were not working as hard as they could and so forth. (Yawn!). He seemed to be "looking" for the negatives in the workers and, as expected, they were not happy about it.

Well... an argument erupted at the meeting right away between the workers and the much so, that a couple of the women went straight to Human Resources to complain about this jerk, as well they should have.

So, instead of focusing on the many positive things his employees had done over several months (as mentioned previously), he focused on the negative and the petty! This supervisor would never be able to understand why the morale in his department was so low...and, the fact that HE was the reason for the low morale, and the fact that none of the employees liked him including myself.  This guy was awful.
*          *           *            *

I have a newer car and an older car, and I keep the older car, because
it is dependable for the most part.

One day, I was going to drive the older car, and as I backed out of the driveway, the selector for drive; park, etc., broke.  A linkage problem with the transmission, and this would be more expense, so I was not a happy camper!

When I took the car in to be repaired, the mechanic told and showed me where the transmission mounts to keep the transmission in place
and level
were in bad shape, and needed to be replaced right away.  If these mounts were not replaced, it could cause the transmission to burn up, by not being level; the transmission could even break off the mounts, which could cause an accident, etc.

So, if the linkage had not broken, I would have never known about the transmission mounts, therefore, would have never done anything about
them.  And, I could have lost the transmission, which would have been a lot more expense,  and I could have had an accident out on the highway

So, this turned out to be a positive thing for me.  I paid the $120.00, and went happily on my way!.

*          *          *          *

A few years ago, I quit one of my temporaty assignments, because the woman I was assigned to work with, had to be the most negative person
I had ever seen!  She was demanding; pushy; attitude; dis-respectful  her tone was awful; she was a cronic whiner and complainer at work, and in her personal life. And, it was so bad, that I nearly quit the assignment after just three days. (I suffered with her, and I quit after two weeks...she was one of the worst people I've ever met, and I couldn't find anything positive about her).

To all the young people out there...STAY IN SCHOOL!.
Jerry Aragon/Humor Doctor           
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