A Special Thank You!
to everyone who has sent me those wonderful emails, which
have inspired me, and have given me quite a lift.  All of you have
made my year...and my century!

UPDATE: July, 2013

* appreciation to make people smile...Gail.

* Greetings Jerry; I wish to thank you for brightening my day a bit.  Your site was just what I needed in this time in my life.  You see, my mother passsed away on June 2, 2002, and I am trying hard to get back into the swing of things.  Being the 4th of July, we all had gathered at her place for a big bang and celebration.  Thanks for the laughs I had today...Wayne

*  Hi Jerry...I visited your website, and was amazed at the wealth of creativity unleashed that I saw.  Your efforts, both graphics and written, are commendable.  Keep up the good work...Navin.

*  Hi Jer...I just love your website...and, amazingly it's clean and a much needed breath of fresh air.    Keep up the good work, and you may very well influence others to do likewise...God Bless You...Joni

*  Hi Jerry...You have a large site with interesting sections.  I browsed, but didn't have time to read all.  I'll visit again later to see everything.  You promote a positive attitude about life for all ages...that's great...Larry

*Hi Jerry.   Just wanted to let you know that I've spent the past hour or so at your site, and I have throughly enjoyed each page.  I love humour, and I certainly got more than my share of laughs, while reading your articles.  An excellent job!  I would love to add your site to my Writer's Resources page on my site.  I tried to find a guest book on your site, but I must have missed it, so I thought I would email you instead.  If you have a banner, I can display...please let me know.  Marlene  (Canada)

* Jer...your site is the best "something for everyone" site I've ever

Jer ...I enjoyed visiting your site.  It has a ton of personality, which is hard to accomplish on a site...Michael.

Jer...I checked out your site, and for a "newbie" it looks GREAT!
It's very interesting, too...reaching out to whomever with humor...
take care...Sheri. 

*Hi Jer:  I visited your site, and I was impressed.  I especially enjoyed your history in Albuquerque...good pics.  I also believe in smiling,
laughing, and having a good time.  Thanks for the perspective...Kaia

*Jer...Thanks for the giggles...Mary (Australia)

*Jer...I visited your site, and I found it to be quite interesting, and I enjoyed looking at it.  I like your philosophy in life, and your outlook on everything.  Most people dwell on the negative in life these days, and forget the things we should be grateful for.  Life is too short to be unhappy about it, so why not have fun with it...Patty

* Jerry...I checked out your website, and found it to be awesome...Donna

*Hi Jer...I visited your site, and I was really blown away!  I am looking forward returning to see the carvings and all the other works in progress, as you complete your site.  I have yet to do my first show, so I am really impressed that you have done so many.  Hopefully, one day I well.  Thanks again, and good luck with your site...Judy

Jer...Just a note to tell you that I visited your site, and I think it's wonderful.  I'm your newest fan...Gina

Jer...first of all, I want to commend you.  You've done a wonderful job using Homesteads SiteBuilder.  Before parting and waving goodbye, I'd like the opportunity to make something stand out.  Your web concept is fantastic!  In fact, I'm going to be going there often to poke around and unwrap a few bandages. Humor on the web...we need more of it.  Actually, we need more "intelligent" humor.  On that count, you get the highest score this ol' Ham gives out...ten smiling snouts across the board...DeAna...The Ham

*  Jerry, I love your's going to be great!  Email me when it's finished.  Also, if you need an artist on your site, I would love to be a part of it.  It's going to a fun place...Jean.

*  Jer...I am emailing you to say that I love your site!  I have bookmarked it, and I will be back again and's great!  I look forward to seeing it all complete...Janet

*  Hi Jer...I looked at your site, and I enjoyed it very much.  Got a few it was nice.  I also liked your story about your dog choking.  I have dogs, so I will definitely remember those tips.  I had a puppy that I had to give mouth to mouth after it was born.  That was scary, but worth it.  Liz

*  Hey Jer...thanks for your site!  It really brings a smile to this old face.  Keep up the good work.  I'm telling the few friends I have about your site...Chuck

*  Jerry, I visited your site, and it is just wonderful. you, believe that humor can fix a variety of ills.  Humor should be a daily experience.  There is nothing as cleansing as a good laugh!  I have put your web site in my favorites, and plan to return a little later this morning.  Deborah

*  Jerry...I took a quick visit to your site, and I'm hooked!  I'll return later when I have more time to explore, and I have bookmarked it as a "weekly visit site"  Tony

*'s great to hear from someone who knows the value of humor...especially these days.  I just took a CPR class at work, and I hope I never have to use it on my cats.  But, after reading about you and Daniel, I know it can be done!  Stay positive, and best regards... John

*  Jer....I visited your site, and found it highly amusing.  What did  I enjoy most?  Your description of the Balloon Fiesta...Great...Joyce (UK).

*Hi Jerry...I went to your site today, because I needed a laugh!  Thanks for being available...Forestberry        

.* Hi Jer...Your site is GREAT!!  I have bookmarked it so come back again to see what you have been up to, and to enjoy your humor
*I loved your "2 cents worth" and especially your poem "Thanksgiving
My husband has had migraines for 40 years, and they are so devistating.  Wish there was some help.  I will get him to read your page, especially what really helped.  Lord; Humor; and Positive Thinking.  This will sit better, than me saying it.  It is always better coming from someone other than your wife.  At least that is what I have learned from past experience. I can't wait to see your wood carvings.  Keep smiling, and thanks for the humor you have to share with the world...Peggy at Windy Ridge

* Mr. Aragon:  I visited your website, and I enjoyed your poem very much.  I love your attitude!  Have a great holiday season...Tony

* Hi Jer...  I just visited your Website, and it is awesome.  This world needs your ideas and values in life.  I always try to inject a bit of humor, even in the most depressing situations.  Life is too short for too much gloom and doom.  We have to deal with all that anyway, but we don't have to dwell on it. Congratulations on a great idea and a great website, and I do hope  you come up to Nova Scotia here in Canada.  It is a beautiful  province...Judy (Canada)

* Hey Jer...your site is GREAT; LOVE IT; FANTASTIC!...Katy

Jer...your website is a work of art...Carlos.

*  Hello Jerry (Humordoctor Extraodinaire)...I am very impressed with your site.  I can see it has a long and happy career ahead, as it rolls down life's jolly highway.  I intend to visit often, to find out what is new, and I am looking foward to my next visit...Best regards...Paul

*  Hi is a pleasure to meet you!  I checked out your site, and I found it to be extremely interesting and just plain GREAT!  I love the positive spin you put on everything...we all need a dose of that...Barb

*  Jer...I love your dog story.  God bless you and your Dog...Jeannie

*  Jer...just a note to say that I have visited New Mexico numerous
times, and it's a beautiful State.  I like your website, and you've inspired me to work on my own pages...James

*  Hi Jer...checked out your Web site, and I  write to tell you how great it is.  I did not see a guest book to sign.  Your site is fabulous...just what a 73 year old lady needs to keep her laughing.  I had to do a quick run through, because there is so much to see, but I will be back to take a look at every single thing.  You have great talent!

Jerry...can I have permission to use your article about the hot-air balloons on my Web site?  I never knew that much about hot-air balloons, when I picked them for my site.  Your article would be real neat to go with them...thanks...Norma  (Permission was given to Norma to place my article on the hot-air balloons on her site)

*  Hi Jer...your website is really good...keep it up...I will keep visiting...

*  Jer...I like the lay-out of your front page, and I will definitely go back for a visit ...Alexander.

*  Hi Jerry...I like your site, and you are so right about humor!  Your site made me smile, and we can never smile too much...Gail

*  Jer...I have just been looking at your site, and I can almost say that I am wordless!  What a great site...and, what a BIG site!  You must have spent many hours on this one.  I found your writings interesting and hourmorous.  Thanks for giving me the pleasure of viewing it.  Keep smiling and laughing, as you wish us all to do.  Like myself, you sound like a bit of a survivor, who wants to enhance the lives of others.  Blessings and love to you, Jerry...Regards...Alison  (Australia)

*  Hi Humordoctor;  I loved reading your section on the difficulties of getting the right person to read you screenplay.  Well...good luck to you, and I think you might just find a buyer...regards...Jane

*  Jer...  what a totally wonderful site!  Little did I know it was the best site I have seen yet!  I spent over an hour at your site, and I enjoyed every moment ...Jaia

*  Jer...I finally got a chance to check out parts of your website...
fantastic!  I love the story of you and the dry ice!  Hilarious!  You tell a good

*  Hi Jer...just wanted to stop by and say that your site is fantastic!  I really enjoyed my visit, and I will be back for sure.  Have a great day...

*  Hi Jerry...I took a quick look at your site, and the layout is very original.  I have bookmarked it for future pursual...Thanksl...Patti

*  Jer...thanks for viewing my website.  I have a feeling you have found it rather humorless.  I took a look at your site, of course.  I can see that I have to add just a little humor to mine.  I never noticed it was missing. Thank you for letting me know without saying one negative word...thanks...Dawn

*  Hi Jer...I really enjoyed your site, although I must confess, I will need to return because I did not see everything.  I wish there were more sites like yours!  It was so refreshing!  P.S.  A smoker since I was 14, and still at it, I admire what you did, and look to you as an example that it can be done...Gene and Linda

*  Hi Jer...Thanks for giving me the chance to see a wonderful home like yours!  I haven't been through it all yet, but I do have it bookmarked, so I can continue later on.  I have enjoyed my time here very much, and yes, I even laughed a little.  Heck...I'll be honest...I laughed a lot!  Thank you for bringing happiness and sanity to a place where it's so easy to lose it...lotsa huggles..(Sweetpea) Denise  (Australia)

*  Hi Jer...just wanted to tell you that I checked out your humordoctor pages, and what a great job!  I laughed so much...yes, humor IS the best medicine!.  You're an inspiration to the young; middle aged; in between and the old.  Had to add you to my favorites, and can't wait to see what you are going to come up with next.  I will pass your page on to all my friends and family; neighbors; and people I don't even like...just meet and don't want to know.  I feel like they also need a good laugh each and everyday.  In a big city in New Jersey...much hugs...Kathy

The following comment pertains to one of my articles, which was
published in a newsletter...

Jer...Just wanted to thank you for your article, "Building My brick at a time."  I came across it on the Women At
Work newsletter.

It was exactly what I needed at this moment in time.  I have created a simple website (almost finished).  I've learned the basics of what I have to learn, but nothing fancy.  Because I surf so much, I see a lot awfally nice pages.

I had begun to compare mine to all that I was seeing, and was starting to think that mine was not fancy enough, and was lacking.  I was stressing at the thought of "learning more" before I go forward...delaying it even longer.  I've been steadily working on my site for about 7 months and working on the ideas for about 1 and half years.

The relief I felt as I read your article, has put me back on track, working on my simple but quality site.  I will stick to my plans to learn more, as I am able, and only make changes, if there is good reason to do so.

You made your point in a simple, straightforward way, and I thank you for your encouraging article...Darlene.

* Jerry...thanks for a clean and positive website.  I have many shut-in or recovering friends who treasure uplifting humor.  Humor is truly the best medicine for our pain...physical and emotional.  I know I will be able to come to your site for a funny joke that is clean.  You are filling an important role for family friendly laughter...God bless...Maria


NOTE:  You can see why these warm and terrific emails from these wonderful people are so special in my life, and I want to
celebrate and showcase them all...Jer
Jer...I read your article, Falling On Hard Times, and I felt bad that you faced the challange that you did.  I love your website, and now hopefully, you are back and your site will continue to grow.  What you offer people is special and you do make a difference in this world of ours....Catherine

* Jer...I like the fact that your website promotes clean humor.   It's nice to meet other funny people, who realize that you can be just as funny without the vile content.  Kelly

* Hi...this is an incredible find today!  Congratulations!  I am tickled to pieces to find this site today!  Do you have a daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter that I can sign up for?  Humor is a gift my father left for me and such a great inheritance it has been...thanks...Merilee

* Hi Jerry...I think your website is wonderfully funny!  I am the consultant and director of a non-profit.  We are in the Honolulu office, of the Small Business Development Center (associated with SBA), and are in the formation stage of putting a newsletter together for our small business clients.  I would like to ask permission to use some of the material on your website, to help keep our clients laughing (and healthy)...with some of your quips, stories, or maybe even visuals.  May I gain your permission.  Would you like me to put in a request for each item or how would you like me to process that?  Looking forward to hearing positively from you.  Thanks loads and I still have a smile on my face from last night...Caroline   (Permission was given)

Dear Jerry...Congratulations on a funny and entertaining website.  I wonder if you would like to swap links with us, as I'm sure our website visitors would find your site of great interest.  (The email continued) Continued success with your super website.  Julia

Jerry...thanks for the well-wishes and Seasons Greetings to you and yours.  I love your site.  I think it's wonderful to see you focussing on the wonderful, creative and humorous.  We need to spread more of it around the world.  Suzanne (Australia) your post and LOVE your website.  Are you a member of AATH (American Association of Therapeutic Humor) ?  If so...are you coming to the conference...and if not you need to join.  YOU BELONG!  Such fun to connect with you.  Mary Kay

Hey, Dr. Jer...Love your site and outlook, too.  Would you ever be interested in helping out with the TumorHumor.  We are gathering our L.A. Board Fund together and sorted out now, and we need some people like you to be a part.  Let me know what you think.  Kelly cute...thanks for the smile...Jackie
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