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SOS!  My Serious and Silly Articles
My serious topic articles appear on this page, and my humorous, humor-related and the clip-art compositions can be found at the Humor Clinic
* The Seriousness of Depression :  I didn't know how serious depression was until I
  went out on the Internet to educate myself.  Just about everywhere I went, I saw these
  two words together..."depression" and "suicide."
* Diabetes On The Rise; But, not all news is bad!  Most cases of Type 2 diabetes are
  preventable with lifestyle changes.  By staying lean and fit, can reduce the chances of
  getting diabetes by 95%!  "It's almost totally preventable," says Dr. Robert Rizza, president
  of the American Diabetes Association.
* Discrimination Against Older Workers (Ageism)  The ugly face of
  ageism, discrimination against older workers!  And, like it or not...if you're a man or a woman, we're all going to have to deal with it.  None of us are   getting any younger!
* Alcoholism and "Tough Love!"  Alcohol abuse is a big problem
  in the United States.  In my family of ten kids...five boys and five girls, I have one
  alcoholic sister and two alcoholic brothers!  Together, they have done their part to
  destroy the entire family!  One of the most frightening nights, was when Ricky came
  home to stay with my parents, and threatened to kill the entire family.  His attitude
  and behavior were not tolerated, and he said hello to a jail cell!
* You Can't Please Everyone...So Don' t Try!. Jealousy, resentment, and hate...all of
  us are going to have to deal with it at one time or another!  The "little minds of the
  world," as I call them, do their damage and make no apologies for their bad behavior!
* Here's The Skinny On How I Lost 40 Pounds: Losing weight is a tough problem for
  anyone.   Statistics show that 50% of the American people are overweight, and I didn't 
  want to part of that club, so I had to lose the weight.  This piece was written on  August 8,
  2006, and slowly made its way to the top and is now (1/10/07) pulling away from the
  rest of the field.
* Smoking Sucks: How I Quit Smoking; I went to a job interview, and the woman
  doing the interview asked me: "What is one of the best accomplishments in your life
  thus far?"  The answer was easy...quitting smoking I told her.  The best thing I've done
  for myself and those around me.
* Sabrina: Another Smoking Casualty.  When I worked at the VA hospital part-time, I
  was taking a break out on the patio one day, and I noticed a woman smoking.  After
  she finished one cigarette, she lit up another with the one she just finished.  This woman
  smoked like a freight train!  I found out she is a respiratory therabpist ...can you believe
  it?  She's probable seen more deaths from smoking than anyone else.  So, if this is the
  case...why does she smoke in the first place?
* Good Writing Requirs Good Speling and Gramma: I had been building my website
  for about a year, when I received the worst email I had ever seen.It was riddled with
  spelling and grammar mistakes throughout, and the email was just plain sloppy and
  unprofessional.  It was ONE big fat paragraph of run-on sentences, with no periods or
  commas, etc.  It was also difficult to read and understand. 
* How I Saved My Dog Daniel; Most pets have a way of giving us so much joy and
  companionship over their lifetime.  They never complain and they're always there for us! 
  This a story about my dog Daniel, who swallowed an object while we were out jogging
  and he nearly died that awful day!
* Think Positive!  Out With the Negative!.  Where there's a negative...there's a
  positive!  The glass is either half empty or half full.  I've always liked to think of the glass
  being half full.  As far back as I can remember, I've always been a positive thinker.  I
  have zero tolerance for negative environments and negative people around me!
* I Refused To Raise Two "Mama's Boys!" After nineteen years, one of the reasons
  why me and my wife went out seperate ways, was we differed as to how our boys were
  going to be raised.  Her idea was to raise two spoiled "mama's boys," and my idea
  was to raise two boys with a work-ethic.  Neither one of us would give in and tug-of-war
  ended in divorce.
* Taking Chances With My Ideas:  As a woodcarver, I'm out of the art and craft world,
  and I have no writing background whatsoever.  When I started wood carving, I wanted to
  dig down deep into my imagination, and create some ideas that had never been done
  before.  As you will see later in this piece, I think I accomplished my mission, because
  some of my ideas were off the wall; dry; riduculous, and just plain silly.
* It's All About Making People Happy:  In this fast-paced society we live in...if you're
  going to be good at anything, you're going to have to pay your dues!  Passion;
  dedication; determination; and devotion are just a few of the ingredients you'll need to
  accomplish your goals.  (This is a colorful page filled with hearts)
* Life is as Complicated as You Make It?  The KISS Principle (Keep It Simple,
  Stupid)  For as long as I can remember, I've subscribed to the KISS Principle.  And, I've
  always been amazed at how complex and confusing some people can make even the
  simpleist things...anything!
* Have You Ever Kissed an Ashtray (Pucker-up) Smoking is not only a health issue,
  but it is a relationship least it was in my marriage.  People can only be tolerant
  of a bad habit...and a dangerous habit...only for so much!  Smoking was not the only
  reason why my ex and I divorced, but smoking played a part.
* Peer Pressure...It's Everywhere!  Peer pressure is not just for teen-agers.  The ugly
  face of peer-pressure will follow us all to the grave, by those who want us to go in a
  different direction with our lives.  So, set your goals for yourself, and don;t let anyone get
  in your way to reaching your dreams.
* A Feast For The Eyes; Come Take a Look:  I've always loved the Special Shapes
  hot-air balloons at the International Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta held in Albuquerque, N.M.
  each year.  Designated as the most photographed event in the world, it usually attracts
  about between 700-800 balloonists from all over the world.
* The "ME" Generation is Alive and Well: (My Two Cents) Whether we like it or not, I
  think selfishness and greed are an epidemic in this country...from sea to greedy sea! 
  In school we all learned about the Dark Ages; the Iron Age; the Industrial Age; the
  Information Age...and now the Selfish and Greed Age!
* Do You Have a Fear of Failure?. This is an email I recieved from a woman named
  Sherry, and after reading this article on my website, she talks about her fear of failure. 
  She writes; "Hi Jerry, I read some of your comments, on the fear of failure, casuing many
  not to seek their dreams.  I felt you were right on with this statement, and your
  explanation was so accurate.  I am 52 years old myself, and the only reason my writing
  career did not take off until this past year, was the fear of failure.  I honestly seemed to
  set myself up for failure, so that I would get what I expected.  An all too common mistake
  many writers make, and as you stated, those in other fields as well." 
* The Hero's of 911 Will Never Be Forgotten!  The will and spirit of the American
  people will never be broken by anyone!  Not by the cowards in the Middle East or the
  cowards around the world. 
* I'm Proud To Be an American Veteran:  "Mr. Gorbachev...tear down this wall!"  Those
  are the words of President Reagan, who demanded that President Gorbachev of the
  Soviet Union, tear down the Berlin Wall, which had been a symbol of hate; terror,
  repression; during the long and dangerous Cold War!
Writing Section
(SOS! My Serious and Silly Articles)
"Writing is easy...
all you have to do is to stare at a blank page
(or screen), until drops of blood form on your forehead..."
Gene Fowler
As a woodcarver, I'm out of the art and craft world, and I

have no background in writing whatsoever!  As if I didn't

have my hands full teaching myself to carve wood, I had to

stick my nose in the difficult field of writing...I must be

crazy!  Carving over 200 original figures in wood, I would

describe the pieces as to how the idea came for the piece,

and then I would describe the piece and how and where it

was photographed, etc.  (indoors or outdoors)  That's how

my interest in writing came about.

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Take Care of Your Pets...
           They Take Care of You
* Taking a Bath!It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and the third day of the arts and crafts
  show in Old Town, in Albuquerque, New Mexico...and then it happened...
* Getting and Keeping My Confidence:   For nearly twenty years, I took
  a first-class  pasting from the crippling and unforgiving migraine headaches, and I lived a
  pretty bleak existence for many years.  I found myself almost homeless several times,
  and my confidence was at an all-time low or didn;t exist. 
* My Love for Creative Writing:  One of my writing instructors, told the class one day,
  that if she had to choose between her husband and her writing...her husband would get
  the boot!  Now, that's a serious love for writing in anyone's book!  As a novice in writing, I'm
  not that passionate about writing...YET...but give me a few years! 
This is a family website!
Humor and creativity just seem to go together!.
My Serious and Silly Articles
You can go to the Humor Clinic to view the humor and humor-related pieces
which are listed here
The Two-Headed Monster;  How I Lost 40 Pounds; Music: The Beginning of Rock and Roll For Me (1955); Racing: Ladies...Start Your Engines; My Personalized License Plate Reads: SLOWPOK; Humor 101 For Dumbos; Humor Helps Us To Cope With The Aging Process; The English Language Is All "Greek" To Me; Does Life Begin at 4o?; The Negative Side of Humor; Just Say NO to Dirty Humor; How Humor Helps Me To Cope; The "Humor Bug" Catch It...and Spread It Around; Life's Embarrassing Moments; Legacy: A Gift of Writing;   Jerry...Are You Crazy?;

* Buyer Beware: (Weight loss products)  When I had to lose 40 pounds in 2001, I had
  no idea where to start and what to do.  There;s so much out there in the way of diet pills;
  books; snake-oil salespeople, etc.  .
* Remembering Manuel:  Heart-breaking is the only word I can use to describe Manuel,
  who was a patient the same time I was a patient, at the VA hospital in 2005.  At the
  time, I knew nothing about dementia...that awful disease that takes away the mind, and
  leaves the person hopelessly in the dark!
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Update:July, 2013
* Falling On Hard TimesI was disconnected from my website and from the Internet, from
  May, 2004, until November, 2006 because of hard times and heart failure. 
* My Integrity Is Not NegotiableThere are people who lie and cheat their way through
  life, and make no apoligy for it!  It's a way of life for many people, with a mentality of,
  "everybody does it, so it's okay!"  WRONG...not everybody does it, and it's NOT okay!  
  Words that are connonly heard today are, fraud; greed; lies; cheating; corruption;
  scandal, etc.  .
* Keeping Up With the Joneses...Forget it!. What is success?  Where is the top?  We have all
  seen the rich, famous, and the powerful parade in front of us, and many are successful in their careers, but
  failures in their personal lives, many times due to substance abuse, corruption, or other reasons, etc.   
* The Boob-Tube vs. Improving My Writing. When my ex-wife were together, we had cable
  television for about ten years, primarily because she liked to watch movies on cable.  I have
  never been a movie buff, so after we parted, cable television also went, and I have seen
  cable television in ten years.  Television, for me, has not been a distraction,
  and that's one reason I've had such a productive year. 
Celebrating my three year anniversary in writing
(8/06 to 8/09) and you can read about it here.
* Building My Website...One Brick at a TimeOver a decade or so, I've been laid off
  from FIVE jobs (15 years service), and with so much uncertainty in the work place and in
  the economy, my goal has been to put together a home business for the future.  .
* Everyone is Creative and so are YOU! Why didn't I think of that?  How many
  times have you asked yourself that question?  Wouldn't it be nice if ideas grew on
  trees?  But, they don't!  Ideas come along when they want, and many times don't
  come at all.
* What are We Doing To Each Other as a People?Many years ago, the senior President
  Bush, stated that we need a kinder, gentler nation.  I believe what President Bush Sr., was
  talking about, is what we are doing to each other a  People!  The hate; racism; road-rage;
  gossip; put-down of others; domestic violence; child/senior abuse; substance abuse; rape;
  felonies; selfish interests disrespectful; racial slurs, etc. 
* Creativity;  How I Get My Ideas"I never win anything!"  "I never get any good ideas!"  How
  many times have you heard someone say that?  Guess what?  They never win at anything and
  never get any good ideas, because they've already convinced themselves that they won't.  They
  start out with a negative attitude, when they should be thinking positive! 
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Book: Along the Bumpy Road of Life!
* SOS!  Water Conservation is Everybody's BusinessNovember 2, 2007: The headline reads:
  "Tenneessee town Runs Out of Water!"  Because of the severe drought that has plagued the southeastern
  part of the United States, the small twon of Orme, Tennessee, began to ration water, and would turn on the
  water supply for only three hours a day!
"If you accept what has happened, and search for the positive, you will be able to move forward in life."  Catherine Pulsifer
Get inspired...get motivated...get going!
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"Writing is an equal opportunity tormentor!"  Steve Zousmer
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This is where all my articles will be posted, in addition to my directory at  My articles number 150+ and are listed below in alphabetical order.    .
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